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Numark Orbit NAMM 2013 demo

NAMM 2013: Exclusive Numark Orbit Performance Video

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At DJWORX, we’re lucky to have developed the most excellent relationships with manufacturers in the industry. So when a week before NAMM, we were offered a potentially game changing device to play with and write about, we snapped their hands off. What followed was Jared Helfer’s exclusive first look piece on the Numark Orbit, written from the viewpoint of actually having played with it i.e. fixing the mapping and really giving it a workout. Despite his initial scepticism, he proclaimed himself a convert.

But as good as Jared might be at mapping things to do the near impossible in Traktor, he by his own admission is a bit pants with a camera. I’m not sure if he even owns one to be honest. I’m pretty sure that he just send me sketches. So when the opportunity arose for someone more equipped and adept behind the lens to capture a short performance video arose, I of course jumped at the chance. So stepping up to the plate is original skratchworx teamster ProfessorBX aka Drew Bach. Finding himself between jobs and in need of a gig, I took pity on him and offered him a few days as my NAMM intern.

Numark Orbit NAMM 2013 demo

What you see is a few captured moments late at night before they spooned for the night. Jared waves his arms around and stuff happens. It’s best to watch the video full screen to see what’s happening in Traktor. Apologies for the steady out of syncness of the inset, but the guys are working hard to bring this stuff to you and sometimes things don’t always work out right, especially at 2am in the morning. But you get the idea.

Having seen this in action rather than being just talked about, are you likely to drop some cash on this for shits and giggles? It’s important to remember that it’s just $99, and doesn’t have to be picked up unless you want to. You could find a space for it in your conventional DJ setup and immediately have a space efficient controller.