NAMM 2013: Behringer NOX 101 DJ Mixer

Behringer NOX 101 mixer NAMM 2013 (6)

In line with the release news not too long ago from DJ-Tech’s DJ-1FS, Behringer are also releasing their own affordable two-channel mixer called the NOX 101. The best part of the “affordable” factor with this mixer is that it’s going to be priced at $79.99. There isn’t a definite release date yet, but it shouldn’t be terribly long until we get it in our hands.

The NOX 101 boasts a three mode curve control for the volume faders, a large, easy to reach CF Reverse button, a solid metal body and tight feeling controls. Unfortunately there isn’t an Innofader inside of it, but there’s a chance that it will be able to fit one, and once we know you’ll know.

The mixer boasts two stereo phono/line inputs; balanced ¼” outputs and RCA unbalanced; and a mic in. The faceplate is a solid metal, around 1mm thick, making for a really solid feeling mixer. The 3 band EQ’s have full kills on every band, and the two VU meters can be set to either Master or PFL.

Everything about this mixer feels very solid and extremely reliable. We had to search for something to complain about, and the best we could come up with is while there is a fader to mix your Cue mix between channel 1 and channel 2, there’s no Master/Cue switch. While this is frustrating to us, at a price point of $79.99 we are more than willing to forgive them leaving it out.

This NAMM is definitely starting to look like the DJ end is built for the beginner DJ, the very market the industry has been chasing for years. This is another example of trying to pull in the younger, less experienced crowd and give them kick ass products to hone their skills on.

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