Behringer NEKKST K5 K8 KRK monitors speakers NAMM 2013 (1)

We know it steps almost outside of the DJ realm, but as more DJs are either stepping into the producer’s shoes, or coming from the production realm, reference monitors become more and more important.  Fortunately for us, Behringer teamed up with the brains behind the first KRK releases (Keith R Klawitter, so… yeah, KRK) to create its own line or affordably priced reference monitors – the Behringer NEKKST K5 and K8. While we didn’t get any official prices, we were assured they will be priced competitively.

It’s another splash this year, putting out a pair of reference monitors that boast a few really awesome features.  First, they have blue tooth, allowing really powerful wireless sound.  But better than that, they can have audio presets loaded, allowing you to customize the sound.  To go along with that they are going to be giving the monitors to professional sound engineers and letting them build their own presets to release to all of us, so you can truly dial in the sound you need in your home or professional studio.

Save for a small, boutique line of reference monitors shown last year, Keith has remained relatively outside of the industry.  To have him be involved in the design of a new, affordably priced set of monitors is huge news in and of itself.  And that this is coming from Behringer, it is just showing how seriously they are taking the changes in the market place.