Okay, I kind of knew that one was coming – and like the Pioneer SP-16, it’s also most definitely not a DJ product. But these days, you can’t really launch a career on DJing alone – eventually, producing becomes an essential step to take. In that light, I’ve got to mention the Satellite, because it’s freaking awesome.

Like many others, I’ve been harassing Universal Audio about this for quite some time – and they’ve listened. The Apollo Twin audio interface for Windows was a first step, but that one never really was a fit for my rather specific setup – the UAD-2 Satellite DSP on the other hand is, because it’s not an audio interface. It’s a pure DSP, a box that takes a serious load off your CPU by taking care of running emulations of classic high-end studio hardware (EQs, compressors, reverbs, you name it) on its own, and feeding the processed signal back to your DAW.

At the core, this is nothing new. These have been available for years, but the PC version used FireWire and only really worked with certain chipsets. It was tedious as all hell, and FireWire is the interface equivalent of Internet Explorer 6 (JUST DIE ALREADY). This one uses USB3 and, like its Thunderbolt counterpart for OSX, comes in quad-core and octo-core flavours – guess which one I want. Since I’m regularly running my Live laptop at peak capacity, I can’t wait to try this.

I’m honestly not sure if it makes sense to use it live, as it will no doubt introduce a bit of additional latency, but given that I can run my Rane Sixty-Four at the minimum setting with no dropouts (before you call me stupid, I’m not doing that live because I know I couldn’t hear the difference to the default 8 ms setting anyway – I just tested it to know that I can), I’ve got some headroom to spare – so I’ll definitely try and report in detail, as soon as these become available.


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