Pioneer DJ RM-05 RM-07 monitors musikmesse 2015 (3)

Musikmesse 2015 — Pioneer DJ’s first trade show

Pioneer DJ RM-05 RM-07 monitors musikmesse 2015 (3)

This is the first outing for the new Pioneer DJ, thus a new lick of stand paint was in order. Out was the dark and shiny style, and in was the industrial look – faux concrete accented with wood. I half expected a Frankfurt graffiti artist to have broken in overnight and tagged it to death. As ever, the stand was rammed, with performances from our buddies John Furst and Eskei.

I did manhandle the new RM-05 and RM-07 monitors a little. They’re certainly solid and a much nicer size thanks to the coaxial speakers. But being a trade show, the chance to get any kind of listen was nil. If a Pioneer guest DJ isn’t making noise, then ten other DJs on nearby stands certainly are.

It’s good to see Pioneer DJ coming out hard. There is a little something in air right now when talking to Pioneer DJ people – a tiny amount of uncertainly as befitting a complete change, but also a huge amount of excitement for the future. Pioneer DJ is officially here.


Musikmesse 2015 — Pioneer DJ's first trade show

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