Reloop had the largest amount of new shiny to see at Musikmesse 2015. So we swung by and got a little more insight into the updated Beatpad 2 for djay.

Musikmesse 2015 — More info on the Reloop Beatpad 2

Reloop Beatpad 2 musikmesse 2015 (5)

You can always depend on Reloop to put on a big display on their home turf. And while they released all the info on their new products before the show, it was still an impressive stand with a huge video screen as well as a constant stream of VIP turntablists.

We told you about the updated djay for iOS and Android  Reloop Beatpad 2 controller before the show. I did however get a little more information about the hybrid filter/EQ implementation. There two modes – three band EQ and two band plus filter. This is engaged via a switch on the back. It’s not ideal as there’s no indicator as to which mode is engaged. I suggested that djay could have a visual indicator onscreen, but it’s unclear if the Beatpad 2 can push out a message that djay can read.

Some of you will be wishing that it was a full three band EQ plus filter, but that would have required significant retooling, and thus additional cost. And trying to squeeze an extra knob in that space would have compromised using the EQ.

For those waiting, the RMX22i and RMX33i mixer reviews are still waiting for fact checking at Reloop, but they’ve been a tad busy with the whole trade show thing. I’m aiming for Tuesday.


Musikmesse 2015 — More info on the Reloop Beatpad 2

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