Pioneer Turntable rumour musikmesse 2014 (6)

After a considerable rumour gestation period (we’ve been hearing about this for over a year), Pioneer’s intentions on the DJ turntable market have been made clear. Protected inside the obligatory perspex force field is their trial ballon of an idea of an intention of a potential turntable. And despite what you may have hoped, it’s essentially a Technics replacement with all the Technics issues fixed.

The demise of Technics left a huge deck shaped hole in the DJ scene, with some people hankering for a return of the iconic turntable. But in the unlikely event of that happening, it seems that Pioneer wishes to step up to the plate and fill one of the very few remaining gaps in their near complete DJ range.

Pioneer turntable rumour musikmesse 2014

So what is it? Well, it’s a Pioneer 1200. It has the extremely distinctive CDJ start/stop button, but little else that really says Pioneer. But rather than slavishly clone Technics, it sorts some issues (gold RCAs and removable power cable), and adds 8, 16, and 50% pitch. And just to clarify some inaccuracies that you may have read elsewhere, there are no USB or Ethernet connections. This is a Technicsalike pure and simple, and doesn’t connect to anything other than a mixer.

Pioneer Turntable rumour musikmesse 2014 (4)

Now… this is being pitched (see what I did there?) as an idea for discussion. But this does look to be a very polished unit, which suggests that this (or something very similar) is what Pioneer is planning to put out. Even the gaffer tape over the product name leads me to think that what we’re looking at is a near final product. No more details have been released, for now we’ll just have to work with what we have.

So seeing as this is being shown at Muskimesse to generate discussion, let’s do just that. Is a solid but safe Technics clone what you want? Or do you feel that it should be some sort of space age next generation unit with all manner of built in timecode generation and direct to computer technology be included in the Pioneer turntable?

Thanks to Drew Bach for the pictures!



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