Numark Mixtrack Edge dj controller thin musikmesse 2013 (1)

Just before Musikmesse, we got the exclusive inside word on the next generation of controller. The Numark Edge is, mimicking the PR stylings of Apple, the thinnest DJ controller around. As ever, anything that moves further away from the turntable standard polarises opinion in the DJWORX readership, so we had a look at this diminutive unit to see if it’s a viable option or just another trial balloon being floated by Numark to see if people are interested.

The first thing to underline is that this unit is most definitely a prototype — a handmade sample purely for show purposes. This unit has already changed format before Musikmesse in that the ins and out at the top are moving to the side, a change I suspect was done to allow the cover to be closed with the cables in place.

Numark Mixtrack Edge dj controller thin musikmesse 2013 (7)

Obviously, people will want to know how the lower than low profile controls feel. And the answer is surprisingly good. To stress this again, this is a hand built sample and not the final feel, but the faders are ultra slick — like you could blow on them to move them slick. This will be improved of course, probably made smoother rather less rattly, but they’re very good from a one finger moving perspective.

Numark Mixtrack Edge dj controller thin musikmesse 2013 (4)

The low profile FX wheels work equally well too. Sadly the jog wheels don’t scratch… well not strictly true — they scratch when the tracks are paused, so rudimentary moves are possible, such as cueing up a track with the fader open and simply hitting play starting the track at the right point. This is much like the DJ2GO as well.

Granted, there are no EQs on the unit, but you can simply adjust them on-screen (hardly a chore), or if you feel that effects are less important that EQ, you could always do a quick remap and leave effects tweaking to the screen.

I don’t care what the critics say — I still really like this, and perhaps a little more than before I played with it too. People need to remember that this is not designed to replace CDJs in a club, or to rival turntables for scratch DJs. The Numark Edge occupies a particular space in the always evolving DJ scene, and that’s nothing more than portable fun, an emergency backup, or a first step in the big wide world of digital DJing. We all started somewhere, and in the digital age the Numark Edge is just about ideal to get to grips with the basic skills of DJing.

ETA is anyone’s guess if we’re still at prototype stage, but given Numark’s experience of making controllers, I suspect that they’ll move pretty quickly on this.



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