Imagine the situation — it’s my last day of Musikmesse, and we’re cramming in a load of last-minute meetings. I’m getting calls and texts from Gábor from DJ Player who is hell-bent on me seeing something on the DJ Tech stand. So off shot my wingman Sean to see what all the fuss was about, and after my last meeting I swung by for a look. What I saw completely blew me away — DJ Mandrayq scratching on the DJ Tech stand… seen that before, but he was using nothing but a DJ Tech X10 USB mixer and an iPad running DJ Player 6 beta with Scratch Live performance vinyl. No laptop or DVS audio interface in sight, but with absolutely flawless latency free performance. Wow.

This in itself is pretty spectacular, and suddenly makes the iPad a great deal more appealing for DJs. But DJ Player 6 also comes with DVS effects, which is essentially handing over effects parameter control to the movement of the vinyl. The range of effects is very limited right now, but I’m sure more will be added in due course. It’s not like DJ Player can’t handle more, because the architecture is hand coded from the ground up for maximum grunt with little battery drain or processor pain.

Musikmesse 2013: DJ Player 6 Beta — DVS on an iPad 3

DJ Tech’s X10 mixer in this clip is fitted with a mini Innofader, but I have one and will be giving this a try with other USB mixers I have here, as well as checking it out with SL boxes and Traktor interfaces too.

Given the stellar performance of DJ Player on the iPad, is this another step towards ditching laptops and switching to iPads? Some cannot get their head around having less than all the music ever made at their disposal on a device (128Gb iPad still not big enough?), but the power is clearly there. This has the potential to shake up workflows, especially if Traktor DJ and whatever Serato almost certainly have cooking up extend their feature sets to include DVS use.

This workflow fits in perfectly with the predicted modular workflow we’ve been hammering on about for a long while now. Imagine your current DVS workflow — you’re still leaning over to the trackpad and keyboard instead of focussing on your gear. Some small dedicated controllers that take away the need to interact with your screen would be perfect, giving a better performance for your audience and allowing you to put your iPad right above your mixer. Sounds like a plan to me.

But what do you think? Will we have to cut your laptop and 500Tb RAID from your cold dead hands, or are you progressive enough to consider a leaner and meaner setup?


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