Vestax VCI-380 Musikmesse 2012

Vestax’s new VCI-380 has got the DJ scene in a spin (see what I did there?), where words like “awesome” are being casually bandied around just from a press release. Clearly, Vestax are hitting the right notes and ticking the right boxes. The very first place I went to at the show was the Vestax stand, so imagine my abject horror when I was confronted with the classic glass box of disappointment.

Yes good people, the VCI-380 was strictly hands off… until we got to the secret room that is, where we able to manhandle the unit for a brief moment in time. Like the 300 before it, the VCI-380 is a solid beast, with the familiar look and feel, but more so. If you’re familiar with the 300, then you’ll be on safe ground with this.

Vestax VCI-380 Musikmesse 2012

But it’s the pads that I feel are of most interest to people. Being proper Pad One pads, these feel amazing, and are guaranteed to take a solid beating no matter what you find yourselves using them for. Obviously, the rest of it is good too, but the pads are the biggest addition. But the built in effects mustn’t be overlooked – that previously was the territory of the VFX-1, something that did irk buyers somewhat.

Other than that, without hooking it up to a computer, it’s really hard to comment on anything but the quality of the unit an the possibilities of the features. The VCI-380 is a finished unit and from Vestax’s perspective ready to go. As ever in this world of hardware and software partnerships, the release is dependent on Serato delivering the next version of ITCH. That’s looking like late May right now, although that didn’t stop Vestax pumping out the VCI-400.

Vestax VCI-380 Musikmesse 2012

My gauge of public anticipation of a lump of hardware is the internet. As we know, sitting behind a keyboard gives users a protection barrier where they feel they can heap hate upon anyone and anything. But the VCI-380 is receiving no hate. Granted, it’s a slightly skewed view of optimism, but that to me makes it a sure fire flying off the shelf winner.

As is the new ethos of DJWORX, we will have a review for launch. In the meantime, here’s some pictures:


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