Stanton DJC.4 MIDI Controller

Envelope pushing is definitely one of Stanton’s trademarks. Not always a successful approach, so sometimes they have to see what people are actually buying right now, rather than what you think they might want to buy in the future. So enter the Stanton DJC.4, Stanton’s new controller aimed at grabbing a share of the established controller scene.

These are Stanton’s official words and pictures:

Musikmesse 2012: Stanton DJC.4 1

Musikmesse 2012: Stanton DJC.4 2

Musikmesse 2012: Stanton DJC.4 3

Musikmesse 2012: Stanton DJC.4 4

Stanton’s new DJC.4 is a complete solution for today’s digital DJ. Bundled with an enhanced 4-deck version of Virtual DJ® LE, the DJC.4 allows users to scratch and mix 4 decks of audio, as well as control video. The integrated 4-channel audio interface allows users to integrate analog turntables or CD decks into their performance, and the large touch sensitive jog wheels make for extremely tight scratch and pitch bend control.Plug in and Go

DJC.4’s setup couldn’t be simpler. Plug in the included USB cable, start up Virtual DJ LE and go. The one-to-one mapping makes a solution that is plug and play, out of the box with no guesswork. The high-resolution jog wheels and pitch faders provide tight control over even the finest performance tweaks, and the rugged steel chassis, long-lasting faders and chassis-nutted pots are made to handle years of use. Future functionality can also be added with ease due to the included shift functionality on all buttons and encoders.4 Deck Control

The DJC.4 includes 4-deck control functionality for control over 4 software decks at once. The included browse control section is capable of loading tracks to any one of the 4 decks, and intuitively labeled shift layers allow for direct access to filter, key and other advanced control.

  • 4 channel (Dual-Stereo) 16bit/48kHz audio interface allowing comprehensive connection to your sound system
  • Included Virtual DJ LE software allows for 4-deck control, video mixing, effects, with plug and play functionality
  • 2 or 4 channel control with deck shift functionality and browser loading, giving direct access to the controls you need fast
  • Long-life replaceable Cross fader with hardware fader curve knob allowing your custom cutting preference to be dialed in
  • Rugged metal chassis, designed to withstand years of use in the most rigorous environments
  • 95 assignable MIDI controllers (63 buttons, 5 faders, 12 push encoders, 22 control dials, 2 touch-sensitive jog wheels) & shift function

DJC.4 Tech SpecificationsMixer

  • Analog inputs for turntables or CD players, with direct pass-through to software for DVS control
  • Each channel can be assigned to either 2 MIDI decks (A/C, B/D) or an analog input via toggle switch
  • User replaceable 100K cycle 45mm cross fader with adjustable curve
  • 3-band EQ control w/ complete KILL plus gain per channel
  • VU meter LED for level monitoring
  • 1-Balanced (1/4″ TRS) Microphone Inputs w/ separate volume & shared tone control


  • 2 touch-sensitive platters with adjustable sensitivity
  • Two long, high-resolution 14 bit pitch faders for precise matching
  • Two pitch bend buttons
  • Extensive loop & sample section includes 4 large CUE/LOOP trigger buttons on 2 banks
  • Full effect control with 4 encoders and buttons for instant control

Master Connections:

  • Master Out: 1-pair TRS (1/4″ Balanced), 1-pair RCA (unbalanced)
  • Booth Out: 1-pair RCA (unbalanced)
  • Headphone Out: 1-TRS (1/4″ Stereo Balanced) 1-Mini Jack (1/8″ Stereo Balanced)
  • Input 1: 1-pair RCA (unbalanced) – phono/line switchable
  • Input 2: 1-pair RCA (unbalanced) – phono/line switchable
  • Aux Input: 1- 1/8″ Stereo Balanced
  • Mic: 1-TRS (1/4″ Balanced) each
  • USB: Type B
  • Power: 12V / 2.0A DC Input


  • Dimensions: 44 x 410 x 275 mm (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 7.0 kg
  • Includes Virtual DJ LE 4-Deck Edition CD with license, and discounted Virtual DJ Pro Upgrade

This is a very tidy unit. Small and well built, it crams a lot into a small space, but does so without much in the way of compromises. Obviously you don’t have MPC sized pads, but the buttons are still highly responsive. I like that the hot cues, loops and sample decks all have their own buttons rather than having to get clever with shift functions. I like that the knobs are metal stems and nutted to the circuit board. In fact, I like this considerably more than I should given the wealth of similar products out there.

What I do like is the price. the one being floated to gain reaction is $350 and the same for Euros – that’s pretty hot. At that price, Stanton are clearly aiming at the beginner, someone who doesn’t have heaps to spend, but still wants to fulfil their desire for all the buzzwords that they’ll read online. The DJC.4 will certainly give them solid performance, and will also tick the emerging video tick box too via Virtual DJ LE.

For DJs who like to travel light and work in small spaces e.g. a bar, pairing this with an ultrabook or Macbook air will make a perfect space effective setup.

Given the feel of the unit and the low price, I think this will also find favour as a backup unit. It certainly has most bases covered features wise, yet remains pretty small.

So while it is a bit of a me too unit, you can forgive Stanton because they do normally dance to the beat of their own drum. And this particular unit does appear to be pretty good and less taxing on your wallet than some.


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