Musikmesse 2012: Pioneer RMX-1000 Demo

Musikmesse 2012: Pioneer RMX-1000 Demo

Hold onto your hats people, as we have the most epic video from Musikmesse 2012. Shortly before the show, Pioneer announced their trend bucking RMX-1000 remix box – a unit designed to bring effects, looping, sampling and production into a single hardware and software solution.

In all honesty, my first reaction was “welcome to 10 years ago”. The market is maturing into a laptop based scene, where the features of the RMX-1000 tend to be internalised into software. But there’s still a huge market that is invested in CDJs and DJMs that could make great use of such a device. But not just that – because this can sit in a send receive loop, it can be used alongside the likes of Traktor and Scratch Live to supplement their features sets and add features that they don’t have. Not sure what they might be just yet, but  I’ve revised my slightly dismissive opinion to one of “OK – you have my interest”.

One thing always always levelled at effects usage is just how easy it is to get a tad carried away, and make an unholy racket  with a cacophony of effects at one time. For this reason, I love the release effects. It’s a hugely clever idea, not only to rescue someone from a effects based death, but also as a simple slam mix transition for easy mixing. Jump to around 8:50 in the video.

As ever, it’s only when we start to dabble for ourselves that we’ll get a better idea of if this is a little late to the DJ party, or utterly essential addition to a lot of DJ’s kit bags. Having seen it in action, I’m erring towards the latter. I’d love to get one in for a play, but I suspect that resident Pioneer specialist Andrew Unsworth has his name all over this one.

Apologies for the lack of images on this one. I couldn’t get near one while I was there. Seemed to be at least one person playing with another waiting every time I went near the stand. I’m sure that this will be remedied in the not too distant future though.

Big thanks to Rik Parkinson for his usual sterling work on the demo. And to DJ Pegasus for dragging a bag full of camera gear around the show to capture this multi-angle marvel for us too, as well as persevering through the nightmare hat is his 128K upload speed. We salute you.

Musikmesse 2012: Pioneer RMX-1000 Demo

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