Moldover makes a Mojo (Video)

Moldover makes a Mojo (Video)

For some, DJing needs to be a painless plug and play experience that does everything right out the box with no faffing around at all. For others, “off the shelf” might as well be “in the bin”, as retail gear just doesn’t offer the creative options that they crave. One such guy is Moldover, and being the force behind the DIY ethics of controllerism, he’s known for using custom boxes, one of which being the Mojo. Evil leather bag pusher (private joke) Dave Cross from 60Works had a hand in the Mojo, which to celebrate Moldover’s birthday has become an open source project so that you build your very own.

Now 60Works are happy to make you one so that you don’t even have to open up the 94Mb zip file with all the info. But for $1999, you’ve got to really want a Mojo for yourself. But then again, it’s unlikely that the target audience will be tossing up whether to get a Mojo or a Midifighter. This is for a particular type of performer, rather than the masses.

The Mojo is a beast, as is it’s creator. Thankfully we’ll never have one in for review as I’ll never be able to do it justice, unless it came with it’s own Moldover. Which is unlikely. But watch the video, and join me in wishing Moldover a very happy birthday.

Now… what about Mojo 2?

Moldover makes a Mojo (Video)

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