Mode Machines — now in the UK

Last week, the internet was awash with news that Roland may or may not be bringing out a reimagined 808, with further speculation of a 303 being in the lineup as well. But for those of you who crave the original analogue twiddlings of Roland’s seminal Acid House foundation, Mode Machines make the x0xb0x MK2, a very faithful reproduction of the original TB-303 pocket powerhouse. And  Mode Machines have now got a UK presence courtesy of Dynamic Distribution.

True story — I bought a bargain 303 for £99 before Acid House really kicked off in the UK, recorded half an LP on a 4 track (I have no idea what happened to that tape), and later ended up giving the 303 to a friend who had got himself through some pretty tough times. Let me repeat that in case you think you read that wrong — I GAVE AWAY A 303. And I think a Korg KPR77 too. I can only hope that my old friend did something good with them. Sadly, I fear that did not happen.


Obviously, Mode Machines do more than a 303 clone, and you’re more music making inclined, and want to grab some of their analogue synth loveliness on our sceptres isle, well now you can via Dynamic Distribution. And watch the video — it takes me back almost 3 decades and still sounds like floor filling magic to me.