Mixvibes’ iOS teaser app now has a name — Remixlive

A little while ago, we posted a teaser video (made by our very own Ray) for an at the time unnamed new app from French DJ software maker Mixvibes. And today we have another, with some more detail, and importantly a name for you to remember. The name is Remixlive.

mixvibes remixlive

The rest of us haven’t tried it yet, and Ray isn’t able to divulge anything just yet. But on the face of it, Remixlive is a launchpad style remixing app where you can preload samples, jam, record, and generally create music from your iOS device. Preempting the question, I have no idea about an Android version, but I would imagine that if remix live is popular on iOS then it’ll migrate to Android, provided the platform is up to it. Those pesky latency issues still seem to be hanging around.

We’ll be getting copies to try out in due course. I’m actually looking forward to it.