MixVibes CrossDJ 1.1 — iPad gets killer key lock

MixVibes continue to bolster their iOS MixVibes offering, this time injecting the iPad version with what they claim to be the best keylock in the industry. There are other fixes and improvements too, but keylock is most definitely the jewel in the crown of v1.1 of CrossDJ for iPad.

Official words — read them:

CrossDJ for iPad : Keylock update (1.1)

Paris, France – March 20th, 2013

Mix everywhere
MixVibes cares about authentic DJing, that is why CrossDJ for iPad is an app designed on pro DJ standards.
(jog wheels, Cue/Play/Sync, full-fledged mixer, sync meter, beatgrid editing, etc…) but in a very intuitive interface, perfect for music lovers.

Best audio quality on iOS
The app use the best algorithms available on the market, so the sound is crystal-clear. The quality of the audio output has never been so high on an iDevice. MixVibes proves it again with the new keylock function.

Keylock : mix everything with everything
No matter how much you change the tempo of your track, the tone will remain unchanged (without any distortion), the music will stay harmonious.

Keylock is useful when you mix different music genres. Indeed, 2 tracks from different genre have very different BPMs. This functionnality allows you to feel completely free and mix various music !

At the end of the day, you are more focused on your mix, and less on the technology.

What’s new in this version (1.1)

– Keylock.
– Faster library browsing.
– Tapping on the vinyl when no song is loaded opens up the collection to load a song.
– Master knob is linked to the iDevice volume buttons.
– Optimized delay effect.
– Cue / Play swipe.
– New settings: Security, Pitch bend.
– Various bug fixes and enhancements.

available on iPad (8.99 € / $9.99)
Update is free.

MixVibes seems suitably chuffed with their work on keylock. Testing similar keylock features in hardware and software normally shows that slowing tracks down quickly descends into double beat territory, but speeding up offers better if muffled quality. I’m not near my iPad, so it’s impossible for me to test at the time of writing, but I’d love to hear back from anyone who has this update at hand and can comment.