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MixVibes Cross DJ — Soundcloud on the go

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I remember a time when mixes would be lovingly crafted over a period of days. They were a work of art, painstakingly recorded, re-recorded and often multi-tracked to tape to get everything right. But times have changed, and considering you can throw together a mix on your iPhone, it’s only right that you embrace all that is good and great about the digital age, and chuck it up the interpipes to Soundcloud. And that’s just what the latest v1.2 iOS incarnations of MixVibes Cross DJ can do.

Mixvibes introduces the Record and share update on iPhone and iPad.

Cross DJ is the first app to record and share mixes on Soundcloud
Record, edit and share your mix on Soundcloud straight from your iPhone or iPad. No computer needed, it’s all built in the app.

Edit your mixes
Browse and play your recordings from the app. Edit titles and descriptions. You can even make it more personal by uploading an artwork.

Direct share to SoundCloud
Log in to your Soundcloud account from within the app and upload your mix. Share the Soundcloud link on Facebook / Twitter, or make it private. If you don’t have a SoundCloud account, a Facebook connect module pops up, enabling you to create one in seconds.

What else is new in this update?
Retrieve your mixes from a computer : plug your iDevice to your computer, open iTunes and go to the “Apps” tab. Hit “CrossDJ” to access your mix list.

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Download Cross DJ for iPad 1.2 (new version)

Download Cross DJ for iPhone 1.2 (new version)

(Record only works on iPad 2/3/4 and iPhone 4S/5)

iPad : Cross DJ for iPad is $9.99 / 8.99 € / £6.99 ­ This update is free iPhone : Cross DJ for iPhone is a fully­featured free app.
Sharing and recording (under 5 minutes) is available in the free iPhone app. To unlock the recording time, you have to buy an in­app upgrade.

In­app price for unlimited recording time is $0.99 / 0.89 € / £0.69MAIN FEATURES (iPhone & iPad)

  • 2 vinyl decks with realistic scratch
  • Ultra­accurate synchronization and ultra­fast beat matching
  • Complete DJ Mixer with 3­band EQ, volume faders, cross­fader and level meters
  • Parallel waveforms and track overview display + Beat grid editing
  • Effects + X/Y control pad for FX
  • Loops
  • Hot cues
  • Pitch fader and pitch bend
  • Direct access to your iTunes library + Sort tracks by BPM, title, artist, album or genre
  • Compatibility with most Bluetooth receivers for cable­free mixing
  • Multi­audio for USB compliant multichannel soundcard
  • External mixer audio routing mode (channel A and B are routed to different outputs)
MixVibes Cross DJ — Soundcloud on the go

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