Back at the start of skratchworx, I ventured to Musikmesse for the first time, and stumbled across the Mixvibes stand. The software at the time was at best fragile, but they were brave enough to let people play with it. And some 15 years and various products and versions later, their flagship software Cross DJ has been bumped to V4.

It’s been a long time coming, and hopefully the small but loyal community will stick with it. There’s a press release that doesn’t say anywhere near enough,

The upgraded DJ experience.

Mixvibes is launching its long-awaited upgraded version of Cross DJ 4. As a pioneering DJ software, we wanted to release the most user friendly upgrade of our flagship software as we could. Cross DJ 4 is the result of several month of hard work from our team to push it further than any version before.

Today, we are proud to give the opportunity to add your building block to this project by testing our exclusive Beta early access. Pre-order Cross DJ 4 now and get Remixlive for free plus early access beta. Participate in this project to help us refine the ultimate Cross DJ experience

The redesigned 4 players waveform and the improved Synced FX will offer you infinite possibilities of creation. Make better analysis of your performance with the cover view collection, upgraded, for a smoother browsing of your tracks. Cross DJ will assist you in  the process of making the track you want.

Cross DJ 4 Beta is available with the Cross DJ pre-order deal : 34,99$ 138$


New simple & intuitive UI

  • Cover view collection
  • Parallel Waveform for the 4 players
  • Suitable for tactile
  • UI customizable with a new script technology named Maquillage

Feature improvements

  • 3 audio effects synchronized per player
  • Create your own effect with the Tweaker
  • Mix Music from Soundcloud
  • Autoplay improvements with many powerful transitions
  • New analyse to get the intro, outro & the best track parts
  • Master clock & Ableton link
  • Attach any midi controller with the midi learning
  • New remote app for iOS & Android

Collection improvements

  • Track match & track playlist panes
  • Import / Export from most DJ softwares : Rekordbox, Serato DJ, Traktor, Virtual DJ
  • Export an universal usb drive

About Mixvibes

Mixvibes has been developing music, DJ and video apps for Mac/PC, iOS and Android for over 15 years. The company also contributed to Pioneer’s rekordbox, the standard music management software used in clubs all over the world.


So I’ve got the beta, and have spent a very short time poking around the interface. And I’ve got a few first impressions for you.

INTERFACE: The first thing you notice when firing up is the ditching of skeuomorphic shaded controls and adopting a flatter and more modern interface style. I’m also stuck by the use of flat colour to indicate decks too. And don’t worry — while the mono colour waveforms are aesthetically pleasing in a 4 deck layout, they can be changed to more conventional multi-colour ones, and those waveforms can be stacked as well as side by side too. We (i.e. the DJWORX typeface extremists) don’t much care for the use of Futura as the interface font though — it’s especially off-putting when displaying BPM to 2 decimal point in the library view. Make that an option please.

LIBRARY: Cross DJ’s strong point has always been the library. Indeed it’s the foundation for rekordbox, and those links are still strong here. You can apparently import from the major apps rightist Cross DJ 4, and seemingly use it as a way to spit out a rekordbox USB drive. I haven’t tested it though, because this is a first impressions piece and not a review.

The analysis engine is strong here, and has options such as auto assigning hot cues, which at this beta stage appears to be entirely random bar putting the hot cue on a beat marker and maybe a loud vocal or horn stab. It’s also very fast at delivering basic analysis when dropping a track into a deck, but I can’t attest to accuracy. I also like the ability to just analyse a track for things like BPM or beat grid if you weren’t happy first time around. The whole library experience does however give me the warm fuzzies.

FxTweaker: This is where things get very interesting for me. I have been banging on forever about offering the user the ability to edit effects and save their own presets, ideally for uploading to hardware effects units, but definitely for saving inside software. And via the FxTweaker you get a truly granular experience, and importantly appear to be able to save presets, and hopefully share them too. Unfortunately the presets don’t seem to save right now. But generally, the effects (I simply cannot bring myself to say FX ever – apart from this one time) make me happy.

The temptation is to throw myself into Cross DJ 4 and play for a few days. And at some point I will. It’s a shame that you can’t right now though as a trial version doesn’t exist yet. I’m in the hallowed position of merely needing to ask for a serial number, so I hope that a version comes quickly that everyone can play with. I’d say that’s absolutely essential, because I don’t know how many people are going to drop money on a beta.

I do however like what I see in my very brief poke around. I hope you get a chance to do the same. If you want to dip your toe, Mixvibes will offering a steep pre-order (gotta keep the lights on) discount on the full version, access to the beta, and chucking in Remixlive for free. You’ll just have to wait for that link to go live.




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