Mixvibes Cross DJ 4 (3)

Mixvibes Cross 4 — out now and with Soundcloud

A little over 2 months ago, news arrived of Mixvibes’ Cross DJ 4 being a thing, a very long awaited thing too. And in that time, they’ve been listening to user feedback to hone the beta into the full point release. And now it’s here. Cross DJ 4 is ready for download, with upgrade path discounts for existing users too.

The full release from Mixvibes:

The upgraded DJ experience.

After a successful pre-order campaign and positive initial reception from the DJ and music press, Mixvibes is officially launching Cross DJ 4, the long-awaited upgrade to its flagship software Cross DJ. Cross DJ 4 is the result of several months of hard work from our team to push it further than any version before.

The pre-order period allowed users and pros alike to get acquainted with the new features and feel of Cross DJ 4. Now, after taking the feedback into account and polishing the software, we are releasing the finalized version, ready for mixing and playing right now!

The redesigned 4 players waveform and the improved Synced FX will offer you infinite possibilities of creation. Make better analysis of your performance with the cover view collection, upgraded, for a smoother browsing of your tracks. Finally, we have also partnered with SoundCloud Go to bring you the best streaming experience possible! Thanks to all of this, Cross DJ will become your new favorite DJ software.

Cross DJ 4 is available now at $69.90 // Cross Dj Pro 4 is available now at $149.90 Cross DJ 3 users can upgrade to Cross DJ 4 for the special price of $39.90

Cross 3 users can upgrade to Cross DJ Pro 4 for the special price of $69.90


New simple & intuitive UI

  • Cover view collection
  • Parallel Waveform for the 4 players
  • Suitable for touchscreen
  • UI customizable with a new script technology named Maquillage

Feature improvements

  • 3 audio effects synchronized per player
  • Mix Music from SoundCloud
  • Autoplay improvements with many powerful transitions
  • New analyse to get the intro, outro & the best track parts
  • Master clock & Ableton Link
  • Attach any midi controller with the midi learning
  • New remote app for iOS & Android
  • Mix video files and use video Sampler (Profeature)
  • Create your own effect with the Tweaker (Profeature)
  • DVS control & HID mode (Profeature)
  • VST plugin (available soon) (Profeature)

Collection improvements

  • Track match & track playlist panes
  • Import / Export from most DJ softwares : Rekordbox, Serato DJ, Traktor, Virtual DJ
  • Export an universal usb drive


Back in the early days of Mixvibes, their offer spiralled out of control. Instead of doing a few things really well, it tried to do literally everything, and did so at the expense of reliability. Frankly, it was a mess, and I told them this many times over.

And then the slate was wiped clean. They regrouped and rebuilt, proferring Cross as their new product, one that started doing just a few things really well, and has continued to add features, and only doing so when they’re also being done well too.

And Cross DJ 4 looks to do a few things that others don’t. At this point, it’s hard for me to make any kind of judgement as I haven’t the time to play with it in any detail right now. But I do want to, which is a testament to my first impressions. Perhaps it’s nostalgia, but having seen this grow from nothing into most definitely something, I’m rooting for it to succeed.

The problem they have is lack of presence. When you look at the marketing budgets of their competitors, it’s easy to see how they might get lost in the noise created by others. But for me, this is the area that they need to focus on for a good while, and drop some serious money into.

People need to be made aware of Cross DJ and what it does. They need to make comparisons with the established big boys and show that their features set is often as good and often eclipses their peers. The Mixvibes Youtube account should be overflowing with tutorial videos for Cross DJ 4, but it is not.

But this takes money, and if they wish for Cross DJ to have a sustained future, it’s all about telling – nay shouting out loud about Cross DJ 4. The adage of “if you build it they will come” is a nice motivational message in a brush font on a poster, but if they don’t know that you’ve built it or what it does, then they’re not going to come at all. And I urge Mixvibes to have a 30 day demo version always available too.