MixVibes Cross 2.4 — 4 channels at last!

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Having watched MixVibes develop side by side with the other big DJ software packages, they found themselves on the back foot  for a while when they rationalised their offerings into the newer more streamlined MixVibes Cross family. And their policy with Cross seems to have been slowly but surely, even to the point of not throwing themselves face first at the 4 channel trend. But with Cross 2.4, the full compliment of channels has been realised. Cross now gets 4 channels and can be considered to be on a par with its competitors.

Firstly, les mots officiels de MixVibes:

MixVibes Cross 2.4 4 channel 4 deck sampler HID (7)

MixVibes releases new version of Cross with 4 decks, HID controlled

MixVibes has developed DJ apps for Mac, PC, iPad and iPhone for over 10 years.

Today, MixVibes releases Cross 2.4, a new version of its flagship software for Mac/PC. This version has 4 decks and a new sync mode.

4 full decks and a redesigned sampler

Cross now features 4 full decks. They can be controlled by Pioneer CDJs and MIDI controllers. Mappings for popular 4­ deck controllers are included.
Decks C & D can be switched between players or samplers. The samplers layout has been redesigned for enhanced readability. Each pad has its own waveform, making it easy to know what sample is playing.

Sync Link mode, based on industry standard workflow

MixVibes’ philosophy is to create products with genuine DJ spirit. For this reason, Cross 2.4 designers got inspired by the CDJ 2000 Nexus workflow.
Sync Link works in a very simple way : each deck in sync follows the master. Master status is attributed automatically. Besides, the phase of each deck can be controlled manually with the pitch­bend.

Classic trigger mode is still available in the preferences panel (so you really get the best of both worlds.)

What else is new in this update?

­New controller mappings: Numark MixTrack, MixTrack2, MixTrackPro2, Denon SC­2900, Pioneer DDJ­WeGO
Display 4 or 8 locators
­Display total time duration of a playlist

Manage 4 stereo outputs in external mixer audio routing mode.

Watch the video


Download Cross 2.4 (new version)


Download CrossDJ 2.4 (new version)



update is free
Cross is $99.99 / 79.99 € / £89.99 CrossDJ is $49.99 / 39.99 € / £34.99

Having honed the feature set in 2 channels only, Cross has now realised the full 4 channel compliment. Not only that, the redesigned sampler and deck arrangement means that you can have decks 3 and 4 switch between tracks and samples. Now if they can just do something about the yellow and red waveforms and go full colour then MIxVibes Cross will win a lot more friends.

The video also shows the HID syncing between 4 Pioneer CDJs. I’m a little unclear as to whether such syncing is available for other media players right now, or indeed if someone who owns a full Pioneer Nexus setup would stick with rekordbox or go with Cross 2.4 to get whatever extras that has over rekordbox from a workflow perspective. But if you can afford a Nexus setup, the $99 punt to test it is well within your reach.

There are a few more controller mappings thrown into the equation too — the assorted Mixtrack models get some attention (a wise move) as well as Pioneer’s WeGo.

So it’s a massive step forward for MixVibes Cross. Finally it has all the channels to make it much more attractive to the bigger wider world of 4 channel users, and with the new sync mode, Pioneer DJs might well take a look to see if MixVibes can offer them a fuller experience than just rekordbox while giving them a similar look and feel.

And MixVibes — if you want to appeal to a wider audience, I would suggest using the accepted terminology of hot cues instead of locators.