MixVibes' angry iPad app - CrossDJ

MixVibes' angry iPad app – CrossDJ

MixVibes' angry iPad app - CrossDJ

First seen at Musikmesse 2012, MixVibes Cross is truly living up to its name. Starting life as a cross-platform (geddit?) application, CrossDJ is the iPad version, that aims to cram in as much as is practical into the iPad’s screen, and does so with some clever interface trickery and layering.

There’s a video:


…and some official words:

MixVibes' angry iPad app - CrossDJ

MixVibes Release CrossDJ For iPad –

The World’s First Professional DJing App

MixVibes is proud to present the most exciting DJing application they have ever created: CrossDJ for iPad. MixVibes brings you a comprehensive iPad DJing experience with a user friendly yet professional and feature rich layout. This application allows all DJs to enjoy performing quality sounding mixes on an iPad.

CrossDJ was developed by the same professional software team who developed ‘Cross’, awarded ‘Best DJing Software’ in 2010 and 2011 the MIXMOVE awards in Paris. MixVibes has been providing DJs with professional solutions for over 10 years. Hence, no other iPad DJing application has ever received such expertise, attention to ergonomics and user feedback in its development.

www.djworx.com: “A decade later, [MixVibes has] fully matured software running on Mac and PC – and now iPad”.

A complete DJing tool, CrossDJ is a fully-fledged DJing controller. It features a full 2-channel mixer with 3-band EQs and Kills, preset Loops, 6 Locators, High-precision audio FX with X/Y control pad and much more. These professional features are what will no doubt make this application a reference in the DJing Market.  Eric Guez C.E.O. of MixVibes commented, “I believe that the iPad is and will become a serious DJing tool in years to come.”

In addition, CrossDJ takes advantage of the iPad/iPhone media management paradigm with fluid, rapid and intuitive browsing and loading. You can easily access all iTunes playlists and browse media using a Dynamic Triple Criteria Filter.

The audio stream can be split in order to be able to monitor tracks with headphones, which is essential for a professional mix.

Clean mixes and clear sound is what you are getting with CrossDJ!

Available from the App Store – Expected Launch Date: 7th May

Special launch price 7.99€ (ends 4th June) 

Normal price 14.99€

iPhone version launching summer 2012

CrossDJ – Main Features

A DJing Controller

Thanks to 10 years of expertise in DJing software, MixVibes brings you a professional iPad application including all the main DJing features you need to perform and control a seamless mix. The mixer section includes 2 players with 3-band equalizers, frequency kills, gains, 2 volume faders, a crossfader and 2 pitch sliders with adjustable range (4%, 6%, 8%, 16%, 32%, 100%).

FX Touch Pad and Vinyl Wheel

The interface features 2 deck views:  The “vinyl record deck” allows precise scratching and the possibility to cue a track as you would with a regular turntable. The “FX view” features a large X/Y control pad allowing you to explore the full extent and potential of the 13 audio FX. The “FX hold” feature allows you to lock down an audio effect on a precise setting point. These features are the gateway to a whole new spectrum of creative possibilities.

Two Loop Modes

The first mode is the regular loop mode with 8 different lengths of loops varying from 1/8 beat to 16 beats (4bars). The second mode is called “slip” mode. Here, loops are active only when a finger is pressed on the loop. While the loop is active the track keeps playing so that when you release the finger the musical flow is not affected.

Star Features

The BPM analysis algorithm used by CrossDJ has been fire-tested and perfected to the max for the iPad. This analysis is performed automatically the first time you load a track. Once analyzed, the mix is visually assisted with a sync meter and high definition waveforms. Thanks to the “Beatgrid” feature, mixes will be flawless and synchronized automatically. Edits to the beat grid are doable on-the-fly and saved to the collection.

www.digitaldjtips.com: “We think it is a contender for best elastic beatgridding of any DJ software”.

Headphone Monitoring: Split Output

CrossDJ offers the possibility to monitor the mix with headphones using multiple routing modes. The split routing allows monitoring, which means you are performing a mix in actual professional conditions. The default setting plays music directly through the master stream.

Media Management

CrossDJ is stocked with a combination of MixVibes’ multiple award-winning Media Management system and Apple’s intuitive track search paradigm. Media browsing is made through a multi-criteria filter or directly on the full size iPad keyboard. Hence, loading a new track is done in seconds.

www.djworx.com: “Given [MixVibes’] excellence in library management, the iPad version is equally endowed with solid library skills too.”


CrossDJ is compatible with most popular audio formats including every iTunes compatible format and many more. A pristine sound quality of CrossDJ will be offered through the headphone plug jack and the USB port.

Clean mixes and clear sound is what you are getting with CrossDJ!

The World’s First Professional DJing App” – Hmmm… that’s some big marketing words right there There are a number of apps which do more or less the same thing, just in different ways.

Having played a little at Messe, I’m pretty damned impressed. And the video also shows that DJs can do what a DJ is supposed to do, albeit one finger at a time. I think the guys at algoriddim needs to take note – I love djay, but this is hot.

Does this mean I’m going to have to buy an iPad again? Bugger. Looks like tablet DJing may well be coming of age.

MixVibes' angry iPad app - CrossDJ

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