MixEmergency 2.1 – Serato wedges the back door open again

Inklen MixEmergency 2.1 for Serato 2.4

The uneasy and unofficial tolerance of MixEmergency by Serato came to an abrupt end a little while ago with the release of SSL 2.4. The open back door that Serato had turned a blind eye to that allowed Inklen to piggy back SSL and use it as a full-on DVS controller was finally closed, a move that somewhat vexed the large and loyal ME user base.  This also meant that Rane’s new Sixty One and Sixty Two mixers were off limits to ME users, who by definition had to stay with old mixers and old versions of SSL, or upgrade to the new shiny, as well as buy the less popular Serato Video plugin. Ballistic forum based attack of biblical proportions on Serato followed, leaving them in no doubt that this wasn’t exactly the most popular thing they’d ever done.

But things have just got intesting, as Inklen have announced MixEmergency v2.1. It works with SSL v2.4, and importantly opens the door to Rane’s new mixers. Here’s the official word:

MixEmergency 2.1 – now compatible with Scratch Live 2.4!

Hamilton, New Zealand – July 31, 2012:  Inklen adds compatibility with Scratch Live 2.4 to MixEmergency 2.1.
While the change list for this update may not seem long, MixEmergency 2.1 boasts a much anticipated change: compatibility with Scratch Live 2.4 and higher.  While this change is important for all Scratch Live users, it is most significant for owners of Rane’s recent Sixty-One and Sixty-Two mixers – which require Scratch Live 2.4 or higher.
The MixEmergency 2.1 update is available free to all licensed MixEmergency users.
New in MixEmergency 2.1:
  • MixEmergency is now compatible with Scratch Live 2.4 and higher.
  • Fixed crashes when using certain cameras (and iPhone streaming apps) with the Video Input overlay.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause excessive CPU use when cueing a track.
  • Fixed text overlay rendering issues on Retina MacBook Pros.
  • Fixed incorrectly sized window titles on Retina MacBook Pros.
About MixEmergency:
MixEmergency is a real-time video and visualisation mixing application that can be controlled by Scratch Live.  Over 120 built-in and add-on effects and transitions are included to allow DJs/VJs to manipulate their visuals in exciting new ways.
The full version of MixEmergency is available for US$199 from the Inklen website.  A time-limited demo of MixEmergency is available for download from http://www.inklen.com/mixemergency/ .
About Inklen:
Inklen, located in Hamilton, New Zealand, was founded in 2008 and specialises in developing Mac applications for professional DJs/VJs. Expertise in the fields of music, graphics and software engineering allow Inklen to produce innovative software for creative individuals.
For More Information:
Mac and Mac OS are registered trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.  Scratch Live is a trademark of Serato Audio Research.  Serato Audio Research does not approve, endorse, test or support MixEmergency.

Normally, I wouldn’t include the gubbins at the bottom of the press release, but the last line is oh so important. Let’s just read that again:

“Serato Audio Research does not approve, endorse, test or support MixEmergency.”

Let’s also add this official statement from Michael at Serato in the same ballistic thread:

“We’ve been in discussions with Nick from Inklen for a while now, and recently he stopped by the office so we could resolve the issue of Scratch Live and MixEmergency no longer working together. The outcome is that Serato still does not officially support MixEmergency, however we are happy for Inklen to get it working again with the newer versions of Scratch Live. Serato and Inklen will remain in close contact to ensure that should any more issues arise, we can quickly resolve them.

Inklen will announce separately the timeline for their next release, which will support the newer versions of Scratch Live and the new Rane mixers.

We know this will make a lot of our mutual customers happy, and look forward to moving forward with new releases of Scratch Live and MixEmergency.”

The people have spoken and they were heard, thus a mutually beneficial officially unofficial agreement has been reached. That’s rather nice of Serato to allow this to happen don’t you think? It is a great PR move that appeases existing and numerous ME users who were never going to switch to Serato Video, but also means that the many people who were holding off buying Rane mixers will now go at it gung ho. Inklen sell units, Rane sell mixers, Serato sell licences to Rane and the end user gets a more complete video experience and stop hating the very nice people at Serato. Everyone’s a winner.

I’ve now got a licence for ME, and have seen tantalising glimpses of the future too. Review to follow soon.

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