Mixars Galileo kallisto faders

I’m not going to retread the whole messy and very public Mixars and Innofader breakup, nor will it help to do so. But the upshot was that Mixars and Pro X Fade got their heads together to come up with a fader to drop right into the Mixars range, especially the DUO that has been flying off the shelves by all accounts. And that thing is the Galileo fader, and we’ve got details of the range than will be first seen at NAMM in a few weeks.

Words follow:

Bologna, Italy, Jan 2, 2017: MIXARS is pleased to announce the new Galileo Series of crossfaders, developed in partnership with Pro X Fade.

After an intense year of in-house research, development and tests we are extremely happy to be launching a complete new range of extremely robust crossfaders that will ensure smooth operation and control during long-term usage.

Our policy at MIXARS is to always offer the best scratching experience, backed by our superb development and manufacturing capability.

The Galileo Series was developed from scratch by our Italian R&D department, with collaboration from the worldwide renown fader manufacturer Pro X Fade. Mixars Galileo crossfaders have been tested for performance and durability by DJs the world over.

The new Galileo Series will consist of the following three models:




Galileo crossfaders overview

Essential: Made in Japan, this crossfader is built with the latest and best technology from our partner Pro X Fade. It will be available to try in some of our flagship products at the 2017 NAMM Show.

Kallisto:  A “razor sharp” contactless dual-rail crossfader with both digital and analog outputs. It will also be introduced during the 2017 NAMM Show and will be available as an upgrade for the MIXARS CUT as well as future Mixars mixers.

PRO: This universal crossfader will be available for retail sales in early summer 2017 and will be compatible with a wide range of mixers from various manufacturers.

“I would like take this opportunity to personally thank every single DJ that supported MIXARS in 2016. It has been an amazingly great and rewarding year, but also one filled with intense hard work developing and launching the brand. 

Contribution from DJs, Producer, and from Music Lovers worldwide encouraged us to continue to follow our passion.

That exact approach has allowed us to gain strength, confidence, and a better day to day understanding of the best way to satisfy this market while partnering with reputable companies in the industry.

Our strategy is to guarantee continuous professionalism, reliability and quality that every DJ expects when buying MIXARS products.

Our first year at MIXARS has been incredible thanks to everyone who decided to support our new brand. Our promise is to continue to deliver during this coming year and in the future more innovative and cost effective products with the same level of enthusiasm and focusing ALWAYS on the DJ’s prospective.”

Alessio Foti

Mixars Founder

Reaching for the stars

C’mon… I had to shoehorn an astronomy reference in there. But it seems that’s just what Mixars is trying to do, especially with the names of their products. As a side note, and to deliver a little bit of education, Kallisto (or more commonly Callisto) is one of four moons of Jupiter discovered by… anyone? Correct you at the back… Galileo. So I guess we can expect Io, Europa, and Ganymede products as well.

It’s clear that Mixars were badly hurt by the whole Innofader affair, and didn’t want to be in that position again. So they’re making a basic fader, an upgraded fader, and a pro version for retail. And I’ve also been told that they won’t rule out requests from other manufacturers to fit Galileos in their products too.

While I’m sad about such an acrimonious breakup, it’s good to see Mixars bounce back, and at the same time deliver an alternative fader in a market where the Innofader has a near monopoly. And I suspect this will spur Innofader on to raise their game too. I trust that lessons have been learned by everyone involved as well.

No word on pricing, but people going to NAMM should be able to have a play and see if they feel up to the stressful job of scratching DJing.


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