I saw this in my Facebook timeline. Groan. The first thought that came to mind was this:

…because apparently internet DJs decide who is and isn’t a DJ. This however is an alternative way to look at things:

…because I’ve seen floors cleared by DJs using turntables, and by the same measure stadiums filled with happy dancers by DJs not using them at all.

So I figured that this was more accurate:

…because it’s the happy crowd in front of you that validates you as a DJ, not the opinion of other DJs, or the gear that you use. Google “DJ crowd” and see just how pictures come up with huge crowds losing their minds to a DJ not using turntables.

The reality however is even simpler — if you’re playing a house party using djay for iPad and a controller, then you’re a DJ. If you fill your residency’s floor every weekend with CDJs, then you’re a DJ. Equally if you’re nailing a breaks set on 45s and Handy Trax, or simply spinning top 40 tunes using DVS and a using a mic more than the crossfader, then you’re a DJ. And even if you only spin tunes to yourself on your phone in your bedroom, if you feel the euphoria that happens when you nail a mix, and can imagine the vibe that a crowd gives you when you do, then you’re a DJ.

And don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. We welcome you all.