ME2 - not me too, but MixEmergency 2

ME2 – not me too, but MixEmergency 2

ME2 - not me too, but MixEmergency 2

What are the chances – 2 video products for DJs being released on the very same day. Weeeellll… no surprise really as the very moment Serato announced that their video offering was live, Inklen just had to let their faithful MixEmergency users know that V2 of their favourite Serato using Mac software was ready to grab.

Just one small problem that has seen some on the Serato forums almost frothing at the mouth with rage. The new Serato Video release has closed the door to MixEmergency, but it does still work as a standalone product – a product that is still fully MIDI mappable, so you can still throw a controller at it even if you can’t use vinyl. It still works with v1.9.2 – v2.3.3 of SSL so all is not lost.

Anyway, some words and moving pictures:

MixEmergency 2.0 has arrived!

Hamilton, New Zealand – March 27, 2012:  Inklen is excited to announce the release of MixEmergency 2.0.

Since its first release in 2008, MixEmergency has quickly established itself as one of the leaders in the Video DJing industry – and as the software of choice for many of the world’s top Video DJs.  Now, with MixEmergency 2.0, Inklen continues to lead the way, helping to push boundaries for Video DJs.

“For 2.0, we’ve focused on effects, as well as much needed features for the expanding requirements of working Video DJs.” says Nick Feisst, Director of Inklen.  “A huge amount of work has gone into MixEmergency 2.0 – I think a lot of Video DJs will regard it as setting the standard for Video DJing software from today.”

MixEmergency 2.0 opens the door for beat-synced effects, transitions, and Quartz Compositions.  These components stay perfectly synced to the currently playing audio beat, thus increasing the impact of visuals and the cohesion between audio and video.  Effect and transition plug-ins, that take advantage of this system, will be released for download over the coming months on the MixEmergency website.

MixEmergency’s new Automatic Border Fill feature allows users to fill any empty areas around their videos with one of several effects.  This means that if a 4:3 video is played on a 16:9 screen, then there no longer have to be empty areas at the sides. Previously, Video DJs would have had to edit their videos to add border effects (which is time consuming), or crop or stretch the video to fit within the screen (which looks bad).

A short promotional video showing the major changes in MixEmergency 2.0 can be viewed here:

As a “thank you” to MixEmergency’s supportive community of users, the first version of MixEmergency 2.0 will be available free for all licensed users.

New in MixEmergency 2.0:

– Added Blend Modes for effects.
– Added Grid/BPM control mode for effects and transitions.
– Added automatic border-fill overlays.
– Added MIDI output.
– Added video camera input as an overlay.
– Added effect and transition change notification system.
– Added Advanced Output options (with basic projection mapping and output size control).
– Added pop-up editor for the effect Mapping Graphs.
– Quartz Composition Overlays can now be saved and triggered as presets.
– Added layer/shift modifiers for MIDI controls.

…and much more!

A full list of changes can be found in the Release Notes:

About MixEmergency:

MixEmergency is a real-time video and visualisation mixing application that can also be controlled by Scratch Live (versions 1.9.2 – 2.3.3).  Over 120 built-in and add-on effects and transitions are included to allow DJs/VJs to manipulate their visuals in exciting new ways.

The full version of MixEmergency is available for US$199 from the Inklen website.  A time-limited demo of MixEmergency is available for download from .

Just to underline this, it’s one hell of a feature set with some deeply impressive features, but it’s Mac only. I have no idea what’s out there for Windows users, but I know that in my brief dabblings with it this afternoon, It’s hot.

But for many, the ability to use Scratch Live’s vinyl control is the major draw to MixEmergency. But now that particular back door has been closed, it’s time to start mapping MIDI controllers to it. And while I didn’t get into the finer points of mapping jog wheels, the rest is a doddle. So I’d like to think that Inklen would take the lack of vinyl control as an opportunity to make maps for any controller they can lay their hands on. One door closes and another one opens as it were.

While the feature set of MixEmergency makes Serato Video look a little lacking, it’s only a matter of time before it catches up. Inklen need to capitalise on the closed architecture of SSL and ITCH and make some real inroads into the wider video market. Well, that’s what I’d do anyway.

ME2 - not me too, but MixEmergency 2

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