Mark XTC Interview

The 30 second intro – Who are you?

Mark XTC – DJ/ Teacher/ Producer.

Mark XTC

How would most people know Mark XTC? (What are you most well known for?) 

DJing, making music and being a Liverpool fan in Manchester.

Ed – We asked Mark to go into a little more detail.

I was DJing in bars and clubs from the age of 14, mainly hip hop. My big break was winning the UK DMC at the Hacienda in Manchester, which lead to me being offered a residency downstairs. At this time I was also making a lot of mix tapes that seemed to spread across the NW of England. (Ed – Check out this masterpiece of a dark jungle set for Mark – I put my phone number on them and it really helped get my name out there. I later worked in Spin Inn in Manchester with Marcus Intalex on the Hardcore/Jungle counter where we really pushed that sound in the North of England.

I formed Mix Factory with my cousin and Paul Bailey. Paul was a distributor for Music Mania. We also had an MC, MC Shine. Our tune Take Me Away got us onto Top of the Pops. But it was the Fantazia gig (see below) that convinced me that I could do this ongoing.

These days Mark continues to DJ at clubs and festivals all over Europe, make tunes and also somehow find the time to be a course tutor at Manchester College. Here he teaches production and DJing to students aged from 16 to 72, and has mentored artists like Nikki Euphonic, Bou and others to great success.

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Catch Mark XTC playing at Ibiza, 17/05/24, Corfu, 12/05/24, Parklife, Shindig, Kendal Calling, Beat-herder. Glastonbury in the Glade.

Mark XTC Interview
Mark XTC Interview

What is your home DJ tech set up currently?

Pioneer XZ, 2 x 900 nexus cdj, djm 900 mixer, krk monitor speakers. (Ed – Note the CDJ 900s – you don’t need the latest kit to be a world class DJ. Even the Nexus version fo the 900s don’t have hot cues, and Mark believes you shouldn’t rely too much on hot cues. We agree, you should try to rely on your ears as much as possible you never know what kit might greet you at a gig)

What do you most often play out these days?

D&B/ Jungle/ Oldskool. (Ed – Mark’s sets in the Glade Spaceport at Glastonbury showcased all of this. We even heard him play DJ Tim and Misjah – Access once)

What DJ tech did you use in your early days? (We’d love to see some photos!)

2 x Technics turntables and Gemini mixer. Mark also had an MRT-60 a classic mixer made by Phonic.

What’s on the tech shopping list? 

4 x Pioneer 3000 cdjs/ DJM 900 mixer :) (Ed – Mark is a 3 and 4 deck master we can see why he’d want this level of set up)

What’s been your favourite ever gig?

Fantazia New Years Eve 1992/3 :) 25,000 people. This really cemented my move from hip hop to rave.

Mark XTC is listed as being in the Techno room at this event. In reality it was another hardcore line up. Sadly we can’t find a recording of this set, but there are plenty of others from the night available. Check out the flyer below

Mark XTC Interview

Throughout your career is there a piece of equipment that you have just never got on with? 

Erm… no? anything i didnt understand, I worked on it until I did.

From a DJing point of view what three things do you always take to a gig apart from USB and headphones obviously!

Water, fresh orange juice and vodka (Ed – Most DJs request drinks on their rider, but Mark likes to be double sure!)

Make sure you take your headphones and a back up USB

Can you talk us through your productions? (If any)

Hahaha theres way too many :) (Ed – This is true, Mark has been prolific. Check out this video of Bou playing one of Marks tunes (Breathe) to a MASSIVE crowd at EDC Las Vegas.

And the tune that started it all and set mark on his way, which still sounds amazing

If you still have vinyl at home, how much? 

I still play vinyl sets so a lot.

Outside of DJing and production, what tech do you use at home? 

mainly my decks, unless you mean my air fryer. hahaha

Can you let us know three apps that are essential to you?

Banking app, trainline and jet 2

What app would you like to spread the word about? 

My daughter loves the mcdonald’s app, especially when she gets free stuff.

What non-music related product can’t you live without? 

My bed (Ed – First time anyone has said this before, but with the amount of travelling Mark does it make sense)

Any DJs or producers that we should watch out for? 

Tilly Hulme and Rubez, they are two of my level 2 students who are quite good.

Been to any great clubs or events recently?

Best events I have played at lately is WHP, had so many good nights in there.

Football team?

Liverpool FC (Mighty Reds) (Ed – Follow Mark on social, you’ll soon see his passion for Liverpool)

Book recommendations? 

The Man Behind the Mask :). (Ed – This is the autobiography from Mark Archer from 90s rave legends Altern-8. It’s a brilliant read. We spent time trying to convince Mark to write a book. Watch this space…)

DJWORX thanks Mark XTC for his time.

Make sure to check out our other interviews at DJWORX interviews. Mark has been there, seen it done it, and continues to be booked for gigs all around the world.