Oyaide Neo d+ class X DVS cables (1)

There’s no denying that one of the biggest pains in the backside in the digital DJ’s realm is the bird’s nest that is the DVS cabling nightmare. But Oyaide have decided to make life a tad easier with their Neo d+ class X DVS cables.

It’s not rocket science — the class X cable is essentially a pair of high quality RCA cables grafted together and printed with labels to make hooking up your audio interface to your mixer a doddle. Words from Oyaide:

d+ class X

Dual stereo audio cable for Digital Vinyl System

The d+ class X is high quality audio cable for Digital Vinyl System as Serato Scratch live and Traktor Scratch. The features of d+ class X are a unit of 4 piece cables for 2 stereo channels, easy to recognize by the caving on the plug and coloring on cables, flexible cable exterior and the 19 AWG oxygen free copper of wide gauge reduces the transmission loss. It’s handy to carry around, easy to connect the cable and perfect sound quality. All the features are designed to support professional Laptop DJs everywhere.

Oyaide Neo d+ class DVS cables (2)

4ft. / 1.2m JAN Code (EAN Code) : 4582387107061
7ft. / 2.1m JAN Code (EAN Code) : 4582387107078

This cable certainly isn’t revolutionary, nor is it something that can’t already do with some regular RCAs, gaffer tape, and a pen. But it is a very tidy and high quality cable that’ll look considerably more professional. We’ll doubtlessly check this out at BPM 2013 next weekend and report back. And get a price too.


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