If ever Novation had a poster boy for their Launchpad, it’s M4SONIC (that’s MFOURSONIC if you were unsure). He pulls together 4 of these boxes of pads to make what is effectively an über Launchpad. And after his legendary viral Virus performance on Youtube, he’s gone on to become a global smash. And Novation and M4SONIC want to give you some insight into how he’s developed as an artist, as well as throw a competition for you to test your skills, as well as having the chance to win some face to fcae time with the man himself.

Here’s the official words from Novation:

Novation announces M4SONIC video interview, free M4SONIC soundpack, and competition to win Launchpad S, Launch Control, and M4SONIC masterclass

In his landmark video interview, M4SONIC speaks to Novation about his life and his sound, how Launchpad changed his entire approach to music, and how Launch Control will give him even more power.

In addition, Novation have released an exclusive remix package of M4SONIC’s 8 million viewed track Virus as a free download for Launchpad App users. It ties into a competition that gives entrants the opportunity to have their personal remix performance judged by M4SONIC, with the grand prize winner receiving a masterclass from the artist himself.

The competition runs from 14th of February 2014 to 14th of March 2014, and all details, the full interview, and download information are available at http://novationmusic.com/m4sonic

That covers off the M4SONIC story video at the top of the article. Now onto the competition:

33 million views can’t be wrong: M4SONIC is a bonafide YouTube sensation, and Launchpad is at the centre of what he does.

M4SONIC has proved that with nothing more than talent and Novation Launchpad, it’s possible to achieve worldwide fame and success. His track Virus, performed on two Launchpads, has over 8 million views on YouTube – and for the first time you can get the Virus project and all the sounds FREE to make your own remix and win big!

There are two competition categories: Launchpad App and Community. The winner for each will win a Launchpad S and Launch Control combo, and one grand prize winner will receive a masterclass with M4SONIC for a full hour via video chat!

Entry is simple, and is available to FREE Launchpad App users. Go to http://novationmusic.com/m4sonic to get your hands on the Launchpack, then film and upload your best performance to YouTube and enter on the website.

The competition is open from the 14th of February 2014 to the 14th of March 2014 – so get practicing!


Novation M4SONIC Launchpad app

So in a nutshell, existing Launchpad apps users should log in to the Novation site, grab all the M4SONIC virus samples in the Launchpack, and create something worthy of winning. Remember, you have to film it too, so no pressure there.

While I have no intention of entering, I really enjoyed the videos, as they gave me a little more insight into this style of performance. It’s easy to dismiss it as button bashing, but when you really begin to get what’s happening, you soon see that this is more akin to playing a real instrument than it is DJing, and as such take a lot of skill. Could you configure 256 buttons and remember everything that’s going on with them? No – I couldn’t either.

Anyway, watch the videos and if you’re up to the challenge, grab the Launchpack and create something cool. Who knows — the next M4SONIC could be reading this and be on the verge of superstardom, and possibly their own Novation based competition in a couple of years.