Let's talk - engaging readers 3

While a lot of you come to DJWORX to read, enjoy and bugger off until the next lump of relevant content is posted, I’m looking for ways to get you well behaved bunch to interact with us and each other a lot more. I’ve notice a few things over the time that I’ve been running DJWORX and want to ask you – the people who we do this for – what you think.


We don’t get everything right – nobody does, and it’s fair to say that the original forum was our John Carter, Ford Edsel and New Coke all rolled into one. So we’ve been considering what to do about it. I hadn’t realised that a small update royally screwed the small community, so I’ve taken it down completely. Nobody has noticed or complained.

So I ask this very simple question – do you think that a DJWORX forum could add anything that isn’t adequately served by other forums already? Would we simply be looking to replicate what is already out there? That goes completely against my current ethos, so I’m only tempted to so it if it can bring something new or better to the table. Otherwise, it’s just duplicated effort to give a handful of hardcore readers something else to do in their lunch breaks.


For me, a constant stream of high quality content is the way to get the real interaction with the readers. You’ll have noticed that updates on DJWORX are daily, sometimes more now – considerably better than skratchworx. The traffic is steadily increasing, as is the number of comments per post. But it’s a strange conundrum – we spend the most amount of time on reviews, and indeed this is what gets the most traffic. But people hardly ever comment on reviews – just the rare thank you. It seems that to get the most engagement, it’s simple matter of asking questions to solicit answers. If no question is asked, there’s actually nothing for the reader to add.

Knowing this to be the case, I’m reasonably happy with the comments system, but I think it can work better. Currently, we use the bog standard WordPress comments with a little extra ratings juice. But I’m going to change them to either Disqus or Livefyre – not sure which just yet, as I need to look at how Facebook and Twitter integrate with them.

Bizarre facts – DJWORX gets a lot of traffic from the socially shared posts on Facebook, but a good number of people will simply look at the post icon, read the 2 lines of pithy text and comment on Facebook without actually reading the full story at all. I need to counter this behaviour and get people to properly read the stories. It’s also a fact that when I post an impromptu picture from the worxlab  about nothing in particular, people like and share more than when we’ve spent days on a review and photography.

Summing Up

My gut feeling is that the content should and will be good enough to stimulate comment and conversation, and certainly more will appear that will make that happen. And we’ll ask the right questions to get you interacting more, backed up with a comments system to make that a more pleasurable experience.

Remember this – the industry reads DJWORX. The very people making decisions about future gear directions are scanning these pages for our opinion, and most importantly yours too. If you don’t speak up, you won’t be heard.

So… should we add a forum? Any experience of Livefyre or Disqus? And what would make you interact more?


Commenting Etiquette

Welcome to DJWORX. It’s the most engaged community around, and we have a handful of house rules to keep it that way:
  • • Be polite and constructive.
  • • Treat others as you would expect to be treated. So please disengage keyboard warrior mode before hammering in a full caps rant.
  • • Stay on topic.
  • • Consider your tone of voice. Telling someone that they’re wrong comes across better as “I don’t agree and here’s why”.
  • • No links to copyrighted or offensive material.
Life is way too short to waste time policing comments. So break the rules and you’re out. It’s just the internet, and  the DJWORX community is way more important than catering to the fragile egos of ranting trolls. I trust I have been crystal clear.