DJWORX has been running for just about 3 months now. And it’s about time I had a look at how things are working and make some necessary tweaks to fine tune the site to make it better for you dear readers.

The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that the home page has changed a little over the weekend. The biggest request has been to alter the flow of the news. So as pretty as the slider was, it served to confuse rather than help. So this has been ditched to just show the newest story. And the 3 categories of news, reviews and articles have also been removed to show just the next 10 (rather than 5) newest posts in chronological order – just like it was on skratchworx, and like most blogs seem to work.

And to make life a little easier, there’s now a monthly archive right below the main news as well. And the whole skratchworx site has been moved to an archive within DJWORX. It’s about evolution not revolution, so don’t be expecting massive overhauls. Apart from the forum – clearly that isn’t working as it stands.

This is the first time I’ve been able to do any maintenance in 12 weeks. A much needed holiday, video shoots and other important projects have diverted my attention somewhat. But I’m back in the driving seat, and will be cracking through the lengthy to-do list, as well as tweaking existing site features and adding important new ones. And of course, there’s a stack of reviews coming too.

But for now, if there’s anything you’d like fixed, tweaked or added, holler and if I like the idea, I’ll add it to the planned maintenance list.