More than a year ago, I was approached by Rob Wong from (think DJWORX in German). When I say approached, I mean accosted on a moving walkway at Musikmesse 2012, and Rob’s aim was to get me to agree to an interview, something that immediately made me feel uncomfortable, yet honoured at the same time that anyone would give enough of a crap about anything I had to say outside of sarcasm and criticism in a review. But 13 months later, after A LOT of stuff happening, a good number rewrites, and a heap of hesitation, the interview is up, and in German as well.

Even now, almost a week after it was posted, I’m still uncomfortable with seeing it online, hence taking this long to tell you about it. The spotlight should be on the content of DJWORX and the gear contained within, rather than the people who write about it. I still view myself as some bloke who makes a website and always will.

Anyway, take a look at what I have to say. I think it makes an interesting read for those who stop by on a casual basis to get some insight into where DJWORX has come from and what we’re about. Where we’re going however has yet to be written… ;). And if you have any questions that come to mind after reading the interview, don’t be shy.