Hey Native Instruments — how you doin?

Hey Native Instruments — how you doin?

Today, due to 12 years of different accounts, I received five different emails from Native Instruments, all asking me the same question:

“How satisfied were you with Native Instruments in 2014?”

The incredibly short survey only seems interested in how they did in the last 12 months, to get some input from existing NI customers only. But what about those who aren’t customers, those that have yet to buy but perhaps have been put off? Their voice is just as important, because they’re yet to be convinced of NI’s workflows and can offer valuable feedback as to why.

I’ve already been asked and offered lengthy feedback as to my feelings. So I’m going to let you lot (including Team DJWORX) offer feedback that NI can read and discuss. And while the chances of them commenting directly are nil, you can be sure that they’ll be pouring over your comments.

Be it negative or positive, keep it clean and constructive. This is your chance to let NI know what you think of what they do now, and importantly what you want them to do in the future too.