It’s a lovely feeling – breaking the seal on new vinyl, taking in the factory fresh smell and playing it for the first time. But in time, a darker reality sets in, one that just vividly displayed itself on my almost white copy of Kings Breaks. So it seemed like the ideal opportunity to gross you out with my macro lens.

Handruff is that microscopic layer of grime that after time builds up inside the grooves of your vinyl. These grooves act like a mini-scraper, ensuring that the buildup of dirt on your fingertips ends up on your shiny records. But also spare a though for jog wheels, buttons and all those other controls you routinely fondle in your daily DJing life. They’ll be equally grimey, and if you share gear in a club… well let’s just say that you shouldn’t really be licking your fingers mid set.

Being breaks vinyl, this is an extreme example, built up by cueing the same part of the record. Periodically I’ll run my most used ones under the needle at maximum weight to clean the grooves out. But it neatly illustrates just how dirty DJing is. Next time you play in a club, remember to get your shots. And I don’t mean alcoholic ones either.

Check this link for the full full res dirty grimey truth of the above picture. And wash your hands afterwards.