GDPR — DJWORX has the best cookies!

GDPR — the acronym (technically an initialism — acronyms are spoken works like NASA) that like SOX before it filled me with fear and loathing. You may switch off now and go about your business as you did before, but sadly I am legally obliged to bore you into a coma with some Euro buro-bollocks surrounding privacy and your data, and send my hard earned £35 a year to some faceless organisation saying that DJWORX is GDPR’d to the hilt. But hey, I get a certificate or something. 

Despite the above flippancy, we’ve always taken your privacy very seriously, just as much as we value our own. We installed an SSL certificate ages ago, and have done our best to minimise the amount of data that the site extracts — no social sharing, member logins to the site, no trackers, and absolutely no sharing of the minimal amount of data we get from Disqus either. 

From a DJWORX perspective:

  • We had a mailing list, but it got binned through underuse.
  • The site sets cookies, the contents of which can be seen with a right/ctrl click and “inspect element” or similar. Check the “storage tab”, and go to cookies. It’s all largely meaningless, but now you know.
  • The only real personally identifiable data we get is from Disqus. Every comment, guest or registered, generates an email to me with name/alias, email address, IP number and the comment. I use this for moderation and security, and only I see them. And because of trolls, spammers, and dodgy proxy users, I’ll be keeping them indefinitely.
  • There’s now a cookie notice that appears at the bottom of the page. All being well, you’ll see it just once a year. 

In real terms, nothing has changed at all. Disqus will be putting tools in place to give you greater control (they’re cutting it fine), but otherwise everything is exactly the same as before.

Our updated privacy and GDPR policy is right here, and appears in the footer on every page. 

GDPR — DJWORX has the best cookies!

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