One of the best things I saw last year was Kim Bjørn’s “PUSH TURN MOVE” book — an epic examination of (and I’m quoting here) interface design in electronic music. It’s basically a thick book with a ton of brilliant words and pictures that’s an essential addition to any gear geek’s library. It’s that good that it garnered a near perfect score in my review.

I backed the Kickstarter campaign, and picked up a signed copy at Synthfest in Sheffield, as well as getting my proper sealed copy with a limited PUSH TURN MOVE t-shirt. But I don’t need two copies of the book, nor do I wear t-shirts with logos anymore, so I figure it would be a good idea to offer them up to one of you.


As a Fun Friday piece, I’d like you to come up with a title for a book all about DJ gear. It can be in the same vein, or something entirely of your choosing. But it has to be clever, entertaining, or laugh out loud funny — ideally all three. Bearing in mind that the book would feature all styles of gear, from OG turntables to the very latest in space age tech.

Anyone can enter, so leave your entry in the comments below We’ll close this next Friday, so make sure that we can contact you to give you your prize if you win. And feel free to upvote the ones you like, but it won’t factor into the final decision. It’s not a popularity contest. Have fun!