Friday Fun: Can a tortilla play a tune?


Every so often, an article idea comes in that’s just ripe for puns. So here goes:

Did you know you mexi-can Tortilla-ly play music off a taco wrap? In fact, wrap and salsa music are the genre of choice! Let’s hope they don’t play too much corn-y music!

In one of the greatest [mis]uses of industrial equipment of all time, a YouTuber shows a proof of the concept “can I turn a tortilla wrap into a music record?” by laser etching a piece of music to play on a turntable. Apparently, the answer would be “yes, but it sounds a bit rubbish”. The best part, the record can be eaten after, but is “[e]dible, but tastes burnt”.

After a certain video went viral with someone “playing” a tortilla with some piped-in music, I wanted to see if I could make an actual working tortilla record.

Whenever people ask the inevitable question of “why?” with these sorts of endeavours, I always respond with the same thing: “You’re asking the wrong question… ‘why not?’.” So here’s your dose of Friday Fun: A tortilla wrap etched with a laser to play “Jarabe Tapatío”, AKA The Mexican Hat Dance. I’m pretty impressed that it worked as well as it did! We should totally get Jarabe Tapatío into the charts again off the back of this.


And how cool is that record player? The Numark PT-01USB might not be something you see in a club, but it would certainly work great on top of my hifi separates!

Any other requests for tracks and foods to make records from? Also, we need more tortilla puns in here!