Fill in the blank: “I am a _______ DJ” — win a t-shirt!


Our journey through the world of DJ will soon be 10 years deep. We started as skratchworx with a decidedly turntablist focus. But as the digital age rampaged through the scene, we adapted and went with the flow, changing our styles, gear, and genres through the natural evolution of the DJ industry – all of which led to the logical and long overdue rebrand to DJWORX. And we like to think that we cover the broadest cross-section of DJ technology, something that we want to celebrate with our first ever t-shirt. You may call yourself a particular type of DJ, but as readers of this site, we consider you all to be DJWORX DJs — no boundaries, just DJs playing music.

This does lead me very neatly into the rather obvious question. Think about the kind of DJ that you class yourself as and answer the following question:

“I AM A ________ DJ”

Do you categorise yourself by the genre you play, the technology you use, or the brand you rock? Your skill level or status? Or do you define yourself in a more descriptive and imaginative way?  I’m not going to fill in the blank for you — that’s down to you. But if we like your answer, we may ask you to send us a video for an upcoming project. And you’ll get a limited edition t-shirt for your trouble too.

So off you go — use your imagination, fill in the gap and you could be in our video and win one of the limited edition t-shirts. And for those lucky enough to be going to the BPM Show in a couple of weeks, you may well be able to crowbar one from our trade show floor roving hands.

Fill in the blank: "I am a _______ DJ" — win a t-shirt!

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