Engaging Readers - an update 3

Engaging Readers – an update

Engaging Readers - an update 4

My job is to fill you full of DJ gear knowledge. Your job is to read it, comment on it and generally enjoy the experience. I feel I’m doing my part right, but your part could be made better for you. So I asked, you answered, and I listened. It seems that the masses generally echoed my own thinking, thus some changes have taken place.


The demise of the form has already happened. My own thinking it that you guys keep coming back for the stream of quality content. That’s what it was like on skratchworx, and that’s how it’s going to be here. If forums are your thing, the DJ scene is served well elsewhere. I’ll happily let them take the pain.


To me, this is where the community should speak. I see it as our responsibility to give you things to talk about, to post subjects that people can focus on one at a time, and then to offer a mechanism for intelligent comment. So after weeks of research – trying out the various options, and like a huge amount of other websites, I’ve gone with Disqus.

You’ll no longer need to register with the DJWORX site to comment, so the registration and login boxes are gone. Writers can still log in via the page footer link. You can comment using Twitter, Facebook, Google +, or simply by leaving a name and email address. For the fullest experience however, registering with Disqus gives you a single login that works across any Disqus enabled community. Post something on another Disqus powered community, and responses will appear in your “My Disqus” tab. It’s pretty clever stuff.

Under the community tab, you can catch up on what others have said recently, as well as seeing who the active community members are too. There’s an awful lot of other associated community based stuff going on, all of which will become apparent if you randomly stab around at buttons.

All the old comments are still in place, and Disqus can be switched off without effecting anything. It’s a 2 way syncing thing, so if this move proves unpopular (but I don’t think it will), I can quickly revert.

A question for you:  Are “recent” and “most popular” comments panes useful to you? William Morris famously said “have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”. And if they’re not (I tend not to look at such things on other sites), then they’ll go.

Ultimately, I want to make the leanest, smartest and best user experience possible. But it needs you, the user, to help shape it.

In the meantime, please subscribe to the newsletter. Once I’ve devised a format I’m happy with, the newsletter will act as a weekly digest, as well as having some special offers and exclusive newsletter only competitions and content.