As any good developer knows, keeping things fresh is vital to the ongoing success of a project. Not too often you understand, as people need to get used to the way the current things works, giving the developer enough time to chew over comments and criticisms and act accordingly. Being my own harshest critic though means that I’m always looking at how things can be done better, thus it’s time for a few changes around here, the biggest being the responsive design for mobile users.

Wait Mark I hear you say — what’s responsive all about then? That’s easy to explain. That this window on your computer — now drag it smaller… and smaller… right down to the smallest it’ll go. The regular DJWORX desktop experience is now highly scalable and naturally squishes down to fit the device you’re viewing on. On the iPad, it’s more or less like the desktop version. On phones however, it’s a much better single screen width experience. I’ve left the actual mobile theme active but I’m hoping that people will stop using it. I have a lot of control as to when the responsive elements kick in, but for now we’ll leave them as they are.

That’s not all of course, I’ve updated a few aesthetic elements, reinforced the Orange branding a little more, and added some new sections such as random older stories to jog your memory banks a little from time to time.

There’s also a new short news section that’ll feature day to day stuff that probably doesn’t warrant a full story on its own, or perhaps is something that we’ve seen elsewhere that we think is worthy of your attention, but perhaps not a full news story.

I’ve also added an Instagram feed for those pics that I randomly take that should build up a day to day collage of DJWORX. Again, not worthy of whole stories in their own right, but still part of the rich tapestry that has been a decade of DJ gear hackery.

This is still very much a work (or worx) in progress though. It’s polished as it is, but I may move things around to hone the experience and keep DJWORX as the only place you need to visit for all things DJ gear related. So as ever, please report back on your findings as its only though feedback that we can make this place even better. All feedback is welcome, as the next version is already in the planning stages, and will most likely be handed off to someone considerably more clued up than myself to realise the vision I have for it.