DJIT’s edjing Pro app — like edjing but more stuff

DJIT's edjing Pro app — like edjing but more stuff

Every platform seems to have a binary system of DJ apps that dance a merrie dance around each other, jostling for position at the front of the line into our hearts. The desktop has the giants of Serato DJ and Traktor Pro. Mobile has djay 2 and Cross DJ (admittedly, with Traktor DJ making a splash on iOS). But there’s always more to the DJ software story than just the top two. Of course, on desktop you also have the likes of Virtual DJ, Cross, mixxx, even through to xwax and Ms Pinky.

On mobile, the reality is of a much fiercer battle between more competition. The easier development ecosystems (particularly iOS) make the platforms much more accessible to developers. And one such company is DJIT with their edjing range. You might remember their recently announced product, the Mixfader, a wireless Bluetooth controller with only a crossfader that looks really cool if they can minimise the latency.

DJIT’s latest product is edjing Pro, a brand new version of their DJ software with a rebuilt BPM detection system, new effects to play with and a refined interface. Coming out on the 23 April for iOS, if you grab it early, you can get it at a special half price promotion on the App Store, for $7.99.

Having had a quick play, the software seems slick enough, taking the best workflow ideas from various apps, and has a nice subtle dark colour scheme.

You can read the deets in the presser below.

edjing Pro, the application that turns you into a professional DJ is now available

Paris, France – Thursday, April 23th

DJIT, the editor of edjing the +25 million downloads DJ application, launches edjing Pro, a brand new mix-tracking application for professionnals and those who wish to go further in their practice. With a series of new features and an innovative ergonomics, edjing Pro disrupts the current standard to better meet professional requirements. In addition, edjing Pro includes the innovations that have made edjing so successful and that will also thrill a more experienced public, such as the +50 million tracks music library accessible in one click. Don’t waste your time, download edjing Pro and enjoy a special pricing during its launch!

Focus on your mix, edjing Pro does the rest!

edjing Pro integrates a brand new audio system, developed by DJIT’s engineers, the result of five years of R&D. This enhanced sound system version allows to identify perfectly the BPM of any track and therefore generate an accurate beatlist. With this technology, edjing Pro takes your mix to the next level and gives you access to:

  • brand new audio effects, essential for experienced DJs – like the Slip and the Roll – coming directly from professional DJ hardware;
  • an automated audio effects synchronization on the rhythm, the beats and the audio sequences of the tracks played to easily obtain the best sound rendering;
  • manually customizable features for the purists who want a total control of their set – like the Pitch setting mode or the choice of the crossfader curve.

A better control of your set thanks to a refined interface

Designed in collaboration with professional DJs, the interface of edjing Pro has been conceived to get the same level of features as a professional DJ controller, while keeping the tablet or smartphone ease of use. With a direct access to all application features and a detailed spectral view of the music played on the same single window interface, edjing Pro allows a fast and complete DJ set control. Let your creativity run wild.

You’re missing a track? edjing Pro has it for you!

edjing Pro is now the first DJ application for professionals that provides an access to +50 million tracks. edjing Pro allows you to mix all your music but also the full libraries of SoundCloud & Deezer, and more streaming sources to come soon. edjing Pro also includes the innovations that have made edjing so successful and that will also thrill a more experienced public. In addition to the music library access, edjing Pro integrates smart features to better manage the music, such as the ‘‘Queue’’ and the track search in one click on several music libraries at once.

Jean-Baptiste Hironde, Founder and CEO of DJIT – the editor of edjing Pro: “Among our million edjing users, we have realized that hundreds of them are professional DJs. That’s why we decided to adapt our offer to match their needs by launching edjing Pro, the most complete track-mixing application on the market, both affordable and easy-to-use.”

Pricing and availability

edjing Pro is an universal application compatible from the iPhone 4, the iPad 2, and iOS 7, priced at $14,99, with a promotion offer for the launch at $7,99.

edjing Pro is compatible with smartphones and tablets supporting Android 4 and more, priced at $14,99, with a promotional offer for the launch at $7,99.

About DJIT – the editor of edjing Pro

DJIT – the editor of edjing Pro – is specialized in the development of mobile music applications. Ranked among the world’s 10th largest music application editors, DJIT registers +40 million tracks in 182 countries and is behind edjing, the world’s #1 DJ application. In addition to its large range of music applications, DJIT announced at 2015 SXSW Festival the upcoming release of Mixfader, its first connected device (


  • A refined and ergonomic interface thought of by and for Pro DJs
  • a direct access to all DJing features on the same window interface
  • two large audio spectrum for an easier music navigation, facilitating the playback of the frequencies, the beats and the sequences
  • audio effects are listed by nature (structure or color) for an intuitive navigation
  • real-time effects visualization on the spectrum via different colors
  • an interchangeable interface with a turntables display mode for turntablists souls
  • A smart and unlimited music library
  • an access to +50 million tracks thanks to the integration of SoundCloud and Deezer streaming sources
  • a direct music library access in one click, with all your tracks, titles, albums and playlists
  • a smart search feature to find in one click any track on several music libraries at once
  • a search display by track, album, artist, playlist
  • a ‘‘Queue’’ feature to prepare your DJ set in advance. You can add tracks from any music libraries (your mp3, SoundCloud, Deezer,…)

The same level of features as a professional DJ controller

  • 2 music tracks
  • an automated or manual BPM tracking via ‘‘Tap BPM’’ to obtain a 100% precise result
  • ultra-precise Scratching
  • ‘‘Pre-Cueing’’ feature
  • 4 editable Hot Cues per music track
  • Loop: from 1/32 to 16 beats
  • An enhanced ‘‘Sync’’ feature for a perfect synchronization
  • A ‘‘Record’’ feature to save your mixes in HD
  • Tempo: Pitch and Pitch Bend
  • a 3-band equalizer and filters on each music track
  • an Automix mode
  • sound color effects to give more depth to your mixes like the Super Filter and the Delay
  • an ‘‘Echo Out’’ feature for efficient ends of a chain of FX
  • synchronized rhythmic effects on the beats like the BeatGrid and the Roll Filter
  • a ‘‘Freeze’’ function to stop the audio spectrum at a given point for playing and re-playing the beats to your liking

My thoughts

Like I mentioned before, I’ve only had a quick play (borrowing my wife’s iPad) but the app seems well thought out. Nice touches like slightly fading the waveforms in and out depending on where the crossfader is. The effects are decent, but there’s a weird oddity where it seems to fade between the left and right audio channels on the Roll effect for some reason.

A problem we’re seeing across all the different DJ apps (mobile and desktop) is the struggle to differentiate from the rest of the group. Really, this is just a reflection of the greater tech industry. Phones, computers, social media platforms – you name it – are all bringing out the same features. Mobile DJ apps have the slight advantage of being on a platform that’s still playing catch-up with desktop features. The biggest challenge is fitting it all into the smaller form-factor, while still making it user-friendly. edjing Pro has a nice way of fitting effects and EQ controls, on the screen, and the addition of a reset button is very handy.

Really, mobile DJ apps are struggling to get a foothold in the professional DJ scene due to a couple of big features missing. The first is a consistent structure for using audio interfaces: yes, some apps support external audio, but it’s not guaranteed. The second feature is a MIDI mapping engine: at the moment, apps rely on being mapped to specific controllers, chosen by the developers/manufacturers, and the choice is pretty limited to entry/mid level hardware. Finally, as a bonus, something that would really set an app apart from the crowd is useable DVS control. The hardware these days is more than capable, so it’s a wonder no one has done it yet! Even just getting something stripped down like xwax would be very, very cool. [EDIT: As has been pointed out in the comments, my statement uses a poor choice of words, and I apologise for the mess up. What I meant to say was that the features are missing as standard like you’d get on desktop. As an Android user, I haven’t had the chance to try out all the iOS DJ apps properly. Thanks to Gabor and others for highlighting that DJ Player has had most of those features for a while now. That’s still a small list!]

Whatever happens, something needs to change in the mobile app space to move DJing away from being just a toy to a serious bit of kit in the club. The opportunity just needs to be grabbed.

You can buy edjing Pro on iOS from Thursday, 23 April, 2015 at a special release price of $7.99, after which it’ll be $14.99.

Your say

What do you think about the edjing Pro announcement? Do you use any DJ apps for serious mixing?