There is a certain irony in that I’ve been away from the news grind for a couple of weeks, and the first news I post is one of the reasons I’ve been away. You see, as Algoriddim’s video maker, I’ve been beavering away playing with their latest djay offering, and it’s a goodie. For djay now has SoundCloud and TIDAL added alongside Spotify. The big one here is TIDAL video streaming, and it’s on Mac, iPhone, and iPad too. And it works really well. 

What’s that you say? You wonder if algoriddim has written some useful information that gives you the full details of what this release is about? Read on:

Algoriddim partners with TIDAL and SoundCloud for major new update to its djay app

  • djay users can now instantly stream and mix SoundCloud’s massive music catalogue.
  • Music video and high-quality audio streaming through TIDAL represents a groundbreaking moment for mixing, enabling DJs to live mix streamed videos with premium tracks for the first time.
  • Additional new features include Ableton Link integration allowing users to connect and beat-synchronize the output of djay running on different Mac and iOS devices across a wireless network. 

Munich, 30 January, 2020 – Algoriddim announced today a free major update to djay, its multi Apple Design Award-winning music app, integrating both SoundCloud and TIDAL across its mobile and desktop applications. The partnerships enable Algoriddim to take streaming in DJ software to an unprecedented level, introducing live video mixing through TIDAL, access to SoundCloud’s one-of-a-kind catalogue, and powerful song recommendations for both audio and video content, in one of its most significant feature updates to date.   

SoundCloud integration

The latest update to djay seamlessly connects to SoundCloud, enabling creators to instantly stream and mix more than 200 million tracks using a SoundCloud Go+ premium consumer subscription. In addition, djay’s innovative Match feature has been extended to SoundCloud’s music catalogue, providing powerful song recommendations to help users find the perfect next track for their queue. 

To celebrate the launch and make it easier than ever to get started with DJing, Algoriddim and SoundCloud are offering access to a selection of featured tracks for free in the latest djay app, with no login required. The curated playlists feature emerging artists across a variety of genres including hip-hop, house, tech house, festival EDM, trap and dubstep. djay’s iOS app is already free to download, and by providing immediately available songs from launch, Algoriddim has made another significant step in making DJing a more accessible artform than ever before. 

TIDAL integration

DJ’s can now utilise TIDAL’s HiFi sound and exclusive content with its comprehensive djay integration. djay Pro users are also able to seamlessly stream TIDAL’s unique catalogue of music videos and audio tracks, enabling users to mix videos and songs in real-time – something unprecedented on a mobile device. This pioneering feature opens up a new chapter for DJs and VJs, providing unlimited possibilities for video output, allowing users to mix between music videos the same way they would between songs. Djay users will also be able to receive an upcoming free three-month TIDAL trial, which will be available to redeem within Algoriddim’s apps. 

Djay is also extending its innovative Automix feature to TIDAL’s music video library, utilising its innovative AI technology to enable users to lean back and enjoy a perfectly mixed playlist with no need for manual intervention. djay’s Match feature will similarly encompass both TIDAL’s music and video catalogues, suggesting compatible music or videos during a mix. 

TIDAL’s seamless synchronization allows users to discover new tracks and videos through TIDAL’s unique collections – including Top Tracks, Rising, Featured, and Genre – and instantly add these into their mix, whilst also being able to add songs or videos to their TIDAL favorites while mixing in djay. Ultra-low latency for both audio and video tracks, advanced effects, on-the-fly analysis, and TIDAL’s renowned high fidelity sound quality provide a first-of-its-kind mixing experience.

“The integration of music video streaming through TIDAL and free to access hand-curated content from SoundCloud is unprecedented and continues to push the boundaries of streaming and DJ technology. By providing DJ friendly songs when you launch the app, we are not just providing users the tools to DJ, we are giving them the perfect tracks to start mixing right away,” says Karim Morsy, CEO of Algoriddim. 

“Algoriddim has pioneered music streaming in DJ software and we believe djay users will love the advancement into video streaming. The feature creates an immersive visual backdrop and provides djay users with new creative possibilities to help them elevate their DJ performances to a new level,” Morsy continues. 

Promo Video


Algoriddim’s djay is available as a free download on the App Store. Users can upgrade to djay Pro, including access to advanced professional features and an extensive library of sounds and visuals, as a subscription via in-app-purchase for $4.99 per month. A 7-day free trial of the Pro subscription is available for all users, including full access to all content and features of djay Pro.

djay Pro for Mac is available for $49.99 on the Mac App Store and djay Pro for Windows is available for $49.99 on the Microsoft Store.

Transparency Statement

I’m paid by Algoriddim to make video content. And just like personal friendships in the industry, it has no impact on my opinion of their product.

Evolution and Revolution

When I first got the brief for the video, I read Soundcloud and Tidal streaming. This is a logical and natural evolution for djay, but not especially new in the scheme of things.

But it’s the Tidal video streaming that’s the big feature here. It’s hardly the largest library in the world, but it’s a compelling feature nonetheless. Importantly, it’s more or less instant loading — it’ll take a second (literally not metaphorically), but then it starts playing, and continues to stream and analyse in the background.

The match feature still works with video too. I assume it’s just audio, but there were times when I was convinced it had done a video match as well.

A new feature is the video automix feature. Much like music automix for music, select a source and it’ll automatically mix the tracks based on your preferences. It’ll only do the video mix on an external screen though, which makes perfect sense.

Outside of streaming though, and the addition of Ableton Link, the changes are few, but the apps have been rebuilt on Apple’s Metal platform. The waveforms have never looked smoother.

djay iOS Mac DJ soundcloud tidal video streaming

A screenshot from my Mac showing Spotify, Soundcloud, and TIDAL all working together. And it’s the same on iOS too.

About Spotify — it’s still there, and working just fine. I had to be careful not to show both brands on screen at the same time, so throwing a third competitor in there wouldn’t have been good form. And for those that point out that Spotify isn’t on the Algoriddim website — well neither are SoundCloud or TIDAL. In fact, the word “stream” doesn’t appear on any djay software product pages either, which is a little weird considering the djay USP is having three major streaming sources including video.

Having played with the betas on my assorted devices for a week, I have to say that the iPad version is my preference. The combination of USB C, raw power, and the touch interface makes djay a very immersive experience. I ran it with the Reloop Beatpad 2, as well as hooking up a screen via a Lenovo hub, and it all just worked perfectly. My experiences repeatedly show that despite people’s reservations, the iPad is more than capable for primetime. Perhaps USB C will see the other players commit to the platform.


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