DJ Tech Q-Switch Q-Bar Joe Ward (5)

Cast your mind back a long way to May 2010. A clever chap called Joe Ward brought forth the Quickswitch prototypes, a mixture of turntable-based and standalone controllers, all tagged Quickswitches.  He subsequently went on to patent the idea of controllers on turntables, and essentially owns the Dicer patent.

DJ Tech Q-Switch Q-Bar Joe Ward (6)

DJ Tech’s Q-Switch — yeah it’s a dicer and then some.

Fast forward to just before NAMM when DJ Tech teased pictures of their Diceralike prototype. I contacted Patrick Danaher aka DJ Queezy at DJ Tech to make sure that they spoke with Joe to get the go ahead on their design. It would appear that he as as the prototype has moved on a little and is now called the Q-Switch — see above.

DJ Tech Q-Switch Q-Bar Joe Ward (2)

But the collaboration hasn’t stopped there. The often lamented strip controller that sits either side of a mixer has now hit the prototype stage. Called the Q-Bar (and nothing to do with Qbert), this controller is considerably more polished than the ones shown 6 years ago. It now takes the form of 8 cue pads, 3 extra buttons, and three knobs, largely reflecting popular software features. And given the form factor, you could (USB ports allowing) stand a few of these side by side. I personally think that the numbers aren’t needed.

UPDATE: The numbers won’t be on the final unit, and the buttons are RGB. Thanks Drew!

As they’re strictly early prototypes, there’s no word on price or ETA. But I’m just happy to see that Joe Ward, Patrick Danaher, and DJ Tech are making these happen. There has been no reason that they shouldn’t have done before, but at least Joe has found himself a manufacturer willing to turn them from concept into reality without having to resort to crowd funding.

Big ups to skratchworx OG Professor BX for the pictures.



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