As you might expect, we get to see some cool stuff on our travels. And back at Musikmesse, we exclusively laid our eyes and hands upon one of DJ Tech‘s cool new products. Yes, I said cool, for this is as well thought about as any product they’ve ever made, and is destined to find many fans in the scratch scene. And I’ve only just had the go-ahead to share this with you. But first, some background.

The mighty DMC are always on the search for like minded people to help carry the turntablism torch for the next generation. And this year, DJ Tech have stepped up and offered support for the online segment of the battles. So clearly they have an intention to do some good things in the scratch scene.

And the DIF-1S is one of those good things. Outward appearances suggest a simple 2 channel scratch box, but it’s when you see the Innofader logo that you realise that this is something a little special. This is the first mixer to get Audio Innovate’s mini Innofader  love that we spoke about a little while ago. But if you want to drop a full sized Innofader in there, it’s a straight swap out. The line faders are what they are and cannot be swapped out.

And the rest of the mixer is certainly up there from a quality point of view too. But it’s when you spin it round that you see something else of interest. The DIF-1S has specific ins and outs for your DVS as well as a switchable line/phono and separate line inputs too. So switching over DVS users between sets is considerably simpler. A nice touch.

And as if that wasn’t enough, this little powerhouse gets master and booth outputs, with separate controls for both. Granted, it’s only RCA, but I suspect that the target audience isn’t going to mind too much about not having balanced outs. And it has a  built in switching supply too. Yay – no wall wart.

So to price. DJ Tech tell me that this is going to retail for no more than $169/€149/£120 and will be ready in August. It would be fair to say that this is a toe dipping exercise for DJ Tech, one that sees them take a relatively risk free swim in the budget 2 channel mixer pool, knowing that they don’t have to attempt anything too wacky to attract potential buyers. Well other than deliver a specific product for their quite specific needs.

Who knows – with the mini Innofader inside, and having dedicated DVS ins and outs, this could be the new darling of the often budget conscious scratch massive. All those Vestax 06s that are snapped up on eBay may well be left there in the future.


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