DECISIONS: DJ technical skills or music selection?

DECISIONS: DJ technical skills or music selection?

I’d like to pose a hypothetical question, one that might challenge some of your opinions about DJing. It’s non-scientific, but if you answer honestly, it may well help to shed some light on how we DJs feel about our craft and what’s important to us.

I was on the only forum I visit — — where a question about beatmatching bounced around my head for a while and turned into something I thought I’d ask the DJWORX community.

Here’s the situation — it’s your best friend’s birthday and they want to go out and partaay. Sadly they live in a one-horse two-club town. In one club, the DJ plays spins those tunes you love, but does it so badly that you could cry. In the other club is a DJ that redefines mixing into an orgasmic art form, but the music selection makes your brain hurt.

You have no choice – you have to go to one of the clubs. Your friend doesn’t care and leaves the choice entirely up to you. But which one do you pick?

For the purposes of this survey into your inner most feelings about DJing, you must pick one response. Feel free to expand on your reasoning though — that’s rather the whole point. But choose you must.

So please fill in this ever-so simple poll and let’s get some comments about the choice you made.

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DECISIONS: DJ technical skills or music selection?

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