Gear personalisation is all the rage. While some attack expensive boxes with a Dremel and a soldering iron, others adopt a more sedate approach preferring to redecorate their gear with replacement caps. And a little while ago, we had a battle royale between the two major players — Chroma Caps from DJ Techtools, and Coolorcaps. And it was so close, but Coolorcaps just edged it by the slimmest of margins. But not anymore, for the Chroma Caps range has been revised and looks set to work for a much larger number of people.

In a nutshell:

New colours — grey is gone and replaced by white, some others have been retired, while the remaining ones are brighter.

New knob — a thin encoder (i.e. no indicator) is now part of the range.

More orientations — due to the lack of standards in the industry, DJTT now has four different knob orientations.

New scratch cap — in addition to rubber, a hard plastic cap is available.

I’m really pleased that DJTT have addressed the handful of comments I made, and have made the range that much better. I also like that the caps match the DJTT USB cables too. And given the success of neo cables, it would also be a canny move for DJTT to make matching audio cables too, even if it was just RCAs.

The new Chroma Caps are available from DJTT’s store today.