DJ Steamer Interview

The 30 second intro – Who are you?

My name is Callum AKA DJ Steamer, I’m a 21 year old dnb/jungle dj from Surrey and have been mixing for around 6 years. It all started through my passion towards heavy electronic music in my early teens listening to artists such as Noisia, Mefjus and Culprate. I grew up involved in Londons illegal rave scene and eventually got into clubs at 18, the passion only grew from there. I’m heavily into the darker side of drum and bass taking influences from artists such as Dominator, Simula, A.M.C and Nick The Lot. Whilst leaning right into the grotty jump up including some over seas flavours.

DJ Steamer Interview

How would most people know you? (What are you most well known for?) 

I’ve played in a few squat raves in 2018/19 which gained me a lot of traction, then went on to play for events such as Cryptik, Invicta Audio and Breaking Science. During my career I have been given the pleasure to support people such as Wilkinson and Guv and Ben Snow. Also, as I’m big into sound system culture a highlight for me was definitely playing on the Scotland Yard soundsyem.

Please list your relevant links (Social accounts, Mixcloud, gigs etc)


Please let us know your next gig dates, and release schedule if you have anything coming out soon 

Next gig is for Subsector in Reading on Feb 3rd and have a few more in the pipeline so promoters get at me!

I haven’t gotten into the production side of my journey so far, but post mixes and have a few guest mixes coming later in the year on Soundcloud. 

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Your DJ tech

What is your home DJ tech set up currently?

2 x Pioneer XDJ 1000 MK2 and a 1 x pioneer 4 channel DJM 750 mk2 with sound coming from 2 x Pioneer DM40 speakers which are still going strong after almost 6 years!

What do you most often play out on these days?

Most of the time it’s a 3 – 4 deck set up of Pioneer CDJ Nexus 2000s with a 4 channel Mixer however in the newer clubs I’ve noticed some 3000s making their way in.

What DJ tech did you use in your early days? (We’d love to see some photos!)

The first decks I started with was a controller the Pioneer DDJ – 400, it’s cheap cheerful and perfect for someone that wants to get into mixing and doesn’t want to pay massively. Once I became comfortable and realised it was something I wanted to do, I upgraded to my set up I have now. (Editor – This is the way)

What’s on the tech shopping list? 

I would love to get some Technic 12’10s as I’d like to learn to scratch properly, also some new speakers like Adam audio or Rokits .

Your DJ Career

What’s been your favourite ever gig?

Playing on the Scotland Yard soundsytem was definitely a massive highlight for me. But for energy, definitely one of the Casino Guildford gigs b2b Harry (h2o). It had the floor packed on graveyard shift spinning some proper filthy tunes, it will always be a wicked stand out for me.

Throughout your career is there a piece of equipment that you have just never got on with? 

DJ Steamer Interview

Traktor or Serato software on computer, I think being a Pioneer user since the get go Rekordbox is the only option for me personally. 

From a DJing point of view what three things do you always take to a gig apart from USB and headphones obviously!

A audio Jack converter! I have been caught out too many times not having one it stays on my wallet now. Second is a spare usb, could think of nothing worse than getting up to play, and your usb corrupts, leaving you with nothing. Finally, some mates. Nothing takes the edge of stage fright, or make the long journeys and empty rooms more fun than having a good group of people with you. (Editor – All of these three are essential!)

Can you talk us through your productions? (If any)

Unfortunately I haven’t got into it as of yet but once I get my head round Ableton I’ll let you know.

If you still have vinyl at home, how much? 

Definitely something I want to get into but at the minute all my music is digital.

Non DJ stuff

Outside of DJing and production, what tech do you use at home? 

I have a Mac book which I use for all my software and music keeping plus personal use, also a Playstation 4 which is still going strong. I also have a iPhone 12.

Can you let us know three apps that are essential to you?

Soundcloud, Snapchat and Instagram.

What app would you like to spread the word about? 

Soundcloud I know it’s popular already but the amount of fresh new authentic music on there is pretty cool .

What non-music related product can’t you live without? 

My Apple MacBook it goes everywhere with me.


Any DJs or producers that we should watch out for? 

Well myself and h2o are planning on starting our own brand called Vermin Audio so keep your eyes peeled for that. But other people are killing it at the minute are Grimmo, who is now part of the Biobeats family. Also ACP absolutely killing it at only 18 with insane production. A few labels to watch out for include Cryptik who’s always kill it with wicked events and the Bouijee Bass boys up in Bristol who are definitely going to leave their mark on the scene. And as always big ups to my boys running Caveman collective and R2R.

Been to any great clubs or events recently?

I love all of the DNB all stars events, I can’t recommend them enough especially when they bring 30hz which is focusing on bringing soundsystems back into club culture. Also, a stand out festival I went to last year (along with Boomtown), is a smaller festival in Corby called Illusive. I’ve been 2 years running and it’s so cool the vibe along with the sound systems are wicked. But for venues a stand out recently has to be the new Drumsheds, I went to WAH in the city and all I can say is that main room is insane! I like that it also has the diversity in the other rooms to create a more intimate vibe.

Football team?

Having scouser blood deeply rooted in me it could only be Liverpool.

Book recommendations? 

I grew up reading comics so would have to say the Batman death in the family series.

Thanks to Cal, for this DJ Steamer interview. Steamer is showing what can be achieved at a young age and how to turn your passion into a lifestyle. Keep an eye out for more from him, and head over to our DJWORX interview page to read more from Pro and semi-Pro DJs.