DJ Shiftee in Total Kontrol — skills not included

First it was controllerism courtesy of Ean Golden. Then came DJ Craze’s full on turntablism set. And now we wrap up with DJ Shiftee, seamlessly welding both disciples into one coherent soundscape. See how he brings his considerable arsenal of skills together, and welds old with new gear to create something different. Also see just how ballin’ he be by using a rare white ‘n wood Maschine as a stand for his new Gold Maschine MKII.

This set is insane. Not everyone’s musical taste of course, and most likely draw flack for that. But you cannot criticise the skills. And this is rather my point about all DJ gear – all this stuff can perform wondrous acts of netxlevelness, but without the pre-requiste skills, it’s just a bunch of expensive tech with pretty lights that does nothing.

DJ Shiftee in Total Kontrol Z2 Maschine

Looking at this, it’s hard to fathom exactly what’s going on. But what is clear, and keeps popping up in Shiftee’s sets is Maschine. While currently Maschine can only be mapped to one row of buttons (I think that’s all that Shiftee is using in the clip for Remix Decks, although to be honest he’s moving so quick I can’t be sure), it’s becoming increasingly clear that Maschine and Traktor are becoming very close friends. I don’t know if it will happen soon, but I’m quite convinced that Maschine will become some sort of Remix Deck übercontroller.

Enjoy and do try this at home.