Possible April Fool: DJ Player Pro coming to Android?

DJ Player Pro Android

April 1st is all about high jinx and jolly japery, so traditionally it makes no sense to send out PR, or to post news that comes our way for fear of it not being taken seriously. But this little nugget appeared in my inbox a shot time ago. And while it risks ridicule, I think it’s worth posting nonetheless. But it does look like the previously iOS only DJ Player Pro might be coming to Android.

It arrived via Facebook Messenger so I took the bait. I immediately responded to Gábor from DJ Player Pro and told him I was posting it right away — April Fools Day be damned. This is what he said:

“If this is true, then you can expect that every aspect of the performance (audio stability, audio/midi/touch latency, etc.) is the same as on iOS. Because I’m not releasing anything with lower quality points. If this is true.”

Now I’m pretty adept in Photoshop and I can’t see any obvious fakery. And given Gabor’s established chops high Android latency via his Superpowered project, I’m willing to post the image and be confident that it’s real.

So while this is a clear case of Gábor messing with my mind, it looks like DJ Player Pro may well be in the hands of Android users in the future, minus all that horrible latency that has dogged the platform and kept pro audio users away. If this is true… ;)

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