DJ Player Day 3 – iPad mapping MIDI controllers [VIDEO]

Watch the above video, and you’ll see DJ Player on an iPad doing what is normally the reserve of MIDI learnable software on your laptop. Connected with just the Apple camera kit adaptor and a cable, DJ Player has been mapped for the Vestax VCI-400.

DJ Player MIDI mapping iOS

There’s all sorts going on here (e.g. mapping the channel fader to filter and volume), but it looks like the major hardware features of the VCI-400 have been properly mapped to software features in DJ player. And in the video, you can see a seriously long list of DJ player features to go at as well. Seems that you can manually map it numerically, or via MIDI learn. This is really clever, and instead of having to wait for support to be built into apps, you’ll be able to make it all work together yourself.

DJ Player MIDI mapping iOS

The only real issue that I can see in the video is the latency on the platter. I know it’s a Youtube clip and an original iPad, but we’ll have to wait and see if this setup is viable for scratching. It is with Numark’s iDJ Live and an iPhone 4S. The buttons seem very responsive though, so you should at least be able to do everything else bar hardcore turntablism for now.

So over the last 3 days, we’ve seen DJ Player acting as a DVS, as a media server and controller for CDJs, and now working with regular MIDI controllers too. It’s early days of course, and much will depend on the model of iPad that you have, but from where I’m sitting, DJ Player has just raised the bar considerably, as well as the expectations of the masses following this amazing progress.

I don’t think I’d be ditching my laptop just yet, but I am rather interested to see just how well this all works. Having got many of you into a geek frenzy, here’s hoping that we’re not kept waiting too long to see what all this means. I’m pretty sure that algoriddim and Numark will be hitting refresh a hell of a lot right now, and with good reason.