dj player 6.1 Numark idj pro

DJ Player 6.1 — Numark iDJ Pro friendly

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Seems that today is app day on DJWORX. First it was Traktor DJ being free for a day, and now news of the next release of DJ Player 6.1 has arrived, and brings some useful additions, all of which are detailed below and in the video above. The key point of the upgrade is to offer an alternative app choice for Numark’s iDJ Pro.

The official word from Gábaor at iMect:

DJ Player 6.1 is submitted and will be available very soon. Here is what’s new:

  • Gate and filtered white noise effect. Free for new customers from April, small in-app purchase otherwise.
  • DVS and custom background available for everybody.
  • Tap (manual beatcounter) recalculates auto bpm.
  • LPHP is softer.
  • Deck lock disables taps on the track structure.
  • Some subtle design changes (default background, font, etc.).
  • Changes in custom background filename rule to support orientations.
  • MIDI-mappable: beatgrid controls, beat LEDs, global FX controls, jump to the beginning, tap, track browser/main screen changing.
  • Way faster MIDI mapping with full deck/fx page copy by channel number increment. For example: map deck A, then copy to B/C/D with increasing channel numbers. (Many controllers have no changes between decks, just a next higher channel).
  • Big jog wheel performance fix for Numark Mixtrack Pro and N4. Please delete the old default mappings from iTunes File Sharing.

PLUG AND PLAY support for:

  • Hercules DJ Control Air, DJ Control Air+, DJConsole RMX2, DJControl Instinct.
  • Allen&Heath XONE:K2.
  • Numark iDJ Pro and MixTrack Pro II.

I’ve yet to try this with the house iDJ Pro, but you can be sure that I will be doing. It’s not that DJ Player didn’t work with it before, but now the interface has been specifically optimised to bring a lot of DJ Player’s power into the belly of the iDJ Pro.

dj player 6.1 Numark idj pro

I feel that DJ Player is really shaping up into a serious and focussed app. It definitely does its thing in its own way, but is slowly doing those things in a way that has a broader appeal to the DJ audience. I was never a big fan of DJ Player 1, but with each new release, I find myself drawn into all the things that it can do. The DVS capability seen at Musikmesse was pretty spectacular in my book.

Now that Traktor DJ is around, DJ Player really has its work cut out to stay up there as a contender. It actually has a solid user base with a heap of advantages over Traktor DJ right now, but for how long is anyone’s guess. Just keep up the good work Gábor!

DJ Player 6.1 — Numark iDJ Pro friendly

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